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Miscellaneous Accessories

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  1. Black

    Regular Price: $14.99

    Special Price $9.99

    5 In 1 Hood Can Be Worn Multiple Ways Multi purpose hood made with Storm-Tecยฎ weather control fleece fabric can be worn 5 different ways for any weather condition. Designed with a special wind blocking membrane made of weather control fabric that keeps sweat vapors and cold out while you stay warm and toasty. Import made of 100% polyester. Learn More
  2. Illuminated Pocket Magnifier

    Bring Fine Print 500% Closer!


    Now it’s so easy to see intricate hobby work, Biblical passages, fine print, maps, menus, and so much more.


    Just hold up this brightly lit 10-LED hand held magnifier to bring it all 500% closer…without eyestrain & pain.


    5X magnification, easy on/off control, and complete pocket/purse portability goes where you need it most.


    7” long & runs on 2 AA batteries available everywhere.


    • 5X Magnification
    • Portable 7" Long
    • 10 LED Lights For Bright Viewing
    • Easy On/Off
    • Uses 2 AA Batteries Available Everywhere
    Learn More
  3. Red
    Beats the cold! Comfy polyester fleece hood slides on providing instant warmth to your head, neck & chest. Comfortably fits under jacket, sweaters and shirts without the bulk. Drawstring securely wraps the hood around your face for those cold windy days. Import great for men & women. Learn More
  4. Travel Bag Ensemble
    Easily holds everything you need and more! Durable 14โ€ x 10โ€ x 6โ€ imported polyester bag in brilliant blue has a large zippered main compartment and instant access outer snap pocket. Offers two convenient carry handles and an 18โ€ detachable nylon strap for hands-free convenience. 6โ€ x 5โ€ quilted toiletry bag holds accessories when you travel. Learn More
  5. Satin Leopard Purse Ensemble

    Elegance at your fingertips 5 piece satin like zippered purse ensemble holds & organizes all your necessities beautifully and securely. Sizes range from 3 1โ„2โ€ tall to 5 1โ„2โ€ tall. Learn More
  6. Custom Carry-All Organizer

    Regular Price: $49.99

    Special Price $19.99

    The Ultimate Travel Companion You gotta love it! Incredibly versatile organizer/travel bag is like having a portable office at your disposal any time youโ€™re on the go. Amazingly lightweight 16โ€ x 11ยพโ€ x 4ยพโ€ imported carry-all is crafted of virtually indestructible ballistic nylon for years of use. With handy organizing features; top-zip main compartment, pen/pocket holders, cell phone pocket, attached key ring, multi-use zippered pockets hidden under a buckle-down flap for fast, easy access and detachable/adjustable 18โ€ long shoulder strap. Learn More
  7. 3 In 1 Organizer
    Itโ€™s Not Just For Music. Unique organizing case securely holds your cell phone, cash & ID, music device, keys and more with a wrap around magic touch closure. Easily attachs to your waistband, arm or wrist with matching strap. Approx. 4ยฝโ€ x 2ยฝโ€. Learn More
  8. Elderly Apron

    Protect Clothing From Messy Spills & Stains. Full-coverage apron slips on easily to protect your clothing from wayward food and drink. Great for dining at TV table, in wheelchair, in bed or at the table. Completely washable and waterproof with PVC lining and handy hook โ€˜n loop closure. Generous 35โ€x16โ€ size fits most. Learn More
  9. Catherine Kelly Travel Set

    Travel In Style! Stylish three piece travel set offers everything you need for those overnight and weekend trips. Roomy quilted weekender tote bag measures 14โ€x13โ€, featuring a detachable shoulder strap and convenient carry handles. Large enough for your clothes, electronics, shoes and more. Front pocket with one-touch closure is perfect to keep your wallet, plane tickets, ID, etc. at your fingertips! With the matching 81โ„2โ€ x 10โ€ toiletry bag and 9โ€ x 5โ€ accessory bag, you have all you need for your great escape! Import made of a sophisticated quilted poly/cotton paisley print. Learn More
  10. Quilted Toiletry Bag

    Regular Price: $20.00

    Special Price $9.99

    Quilted Toiletry Bag Beautiful quilted toiletry bag holds your favorite shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste and more! Generous 6" x 5" imported polyester zippered bag with carry handle easily fits in your luggage for safe travel. Learn More

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