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    1. ANGRY-mama™ Microwave Steam Cleaner

      ANGRY-mama™ Microwave Steam Cleaner

      Steam Away Stains & Odors! Microwaves are great until it’s time to clean them. Just fill Angry Mama with vinegar and water, place her in the microwave and watch her get steaming mad! In minutes, the steam loosens up all the crud so you can wipe it away like magic. Powerful, non-toxic steam quickly blasts every surface to clean, disinfect and deodorize your entire microwave. Measures approx. 5 5⁄8”H x 4 1⁄2”W. Colors may vary. Learn More
    2. Sani Sticks™

      Sani Sticks™

      No More Clogged or Smelly Drains! Sani Stick™ has a concentrated blend of powerful enzymes that slowly release stopping back-ups, clogs and odors by breaking down food, grease & hair buildup. Safe for plumbing, septic tanks and the environment. Just one stick a month keeps all your sinks fresh and clean. Includes 24 sticks. Learn More
    3. Steamfast® Compact Steam Iron

      Steamfast® Compact Steam Iron


      Big Performance... Compact Convenience!


      It’s the perfect high-performance steam iron that fits in the palm of your hand. Versatile shape smoothes out large surfaces plus hard-to-reach areas like pockets & pleats. Gives a crisp, freshly-pressed look to virtually any fabric.


      Mobile and lightweight, Steamfast® Compact Steam Iron is great for touch ups, quilting, sewing, crafts and travel. Comes complete with measuring cup & heat resistant travel bag.


      • 420 Watt Mini Steam Iron With Full Sized Features
      • 1.4 Oz Water Tank With Variable Temperature Settings
      • Heats Up Fast In 15 Seconds For Those Quick Press Jobs
      • Non-Stick Plate For Effortless Ironing
      • 1 Touch Steam Control
      • Dual Voltage For Travel Convenience
      • Measures approximately 5-2/7" x 3" x3" with ample 7.5" cord
      Learn More
    4. Electro-Static Broom

      Electro-Static Broom


      Sweep Once & Only Once!

      Incredible Electro-Static Broom creates static on its foam surface as you sweep. Forces dust, dirt & pet hair to cling to it like magic. Protects the health of you, your family and your beloved pets, too. Perfect for use on any type of floor or carpeting. 12 “ wide sweeping head with extendable handle to 51” long.

      • Picks Up Dust, Debris & Pet Hair Like A Magnet
      • Works On Carpets & Hard Surfaces
      • Perfect For Sweeping Up Pet Hair
      Learn More
    5. 2 In 1 Window Washer

      2 In 1 Window Washer

      Regular Price: $14.99

      Special Price: $7.99

      Safely Clean Your Windows Inside & Out. Telescoping handle lets you stand safely on the ground to clean those tall windows. Metal arm locks into three positions from 18¾” to 30½”, giving you the extra height you need. With a cleaning sponge on one end, and a drying squeegee on the other, your windows will be sparkly clean once again! Washer is even slim enough to fi t between double hung windows. Learn More
    6. Anti Lime Ring

      Anti Lime Ring

      Regular Price: $9.99

      Special Price: $5.99

      No Lime Deposits And No Harsh Chemicals! The magnetic influence of this revolutionary lime ring crystalizes the dissolved lime particles in water so no deposits are left behind. Reduce the damaging and unsightly deposits that lime causes to coffee makers, toilets and even humidifiers. Simply place the disk in the back of coffee maker, in the toilet water tank, or the water tank of your humidifier. No mess and no harsh chemicals. Lasts a lifetime! Learn More
    7. 4 In 1 Scrub Brush

      4 In 1 Scrub Brush

      Regular Price: $12.99

      Special Price: $5.99

      The Handiest Tool In The House! 4 In 1 brush features a scrub brush, detachable mini brush (great for cleaning grout), liquid container with spray nozzle and a handy hanger for when it’s not in use. Easy to use, just fill with your favorite liquid cleaner, direct spray to dirty surface and use either main brush or mini brush to clean kitchen, bath and most household surfaces. Soon to become your favorite way to clean! Learn More
    8. Vacuum Cleaner Deodorant

      Vacuum Cleaner Deodorant

      Regular Price: $12.99

      Special Price: $7.99

      Rid Your Home of Vacuum Odor Clean and freshen the air every time you vacuum with these incredible deodorizers. Simply place in the bag and as you vacuum, you’ll experience a fresh, clean scent that lasts and lasts. Set of 10 1½”L cartridges. Each lasts approximately 2 months. Learn More
    9. Telescoping Skinny Duster

      Telescoping Skinny Duster

      Regular Price: $19.99

      Special Price: $12.99

      Housework Made Easy! Crafty duster is “skinny” enough to reach areas normal dusters can’t. Great for ceiling fans and corners, blinds, reaching behind TV’s and electronics, and so much more. Microfiber duster grabs dirt like a magnet making dusting chores a breeze. Imported with an aluminum pole, polypropylene and microfiber duster. Telescopes from 32” to a full 41” in length. Learn More
    10. Self-Soaping Sprayer Nozzle

      Self-Soaping Sprayer Nozzle

      From Blasting Dirt Away To Watering Flowers. 10 spray settings make this sprayer nozzle the most versatile watering aid ever. Attaches to any standard 3⁄4” hose to wash car, siding, garage floors, windows, driveways and more. Holds over 3 ounces of cleaning fluid for a thorough cleansing every time. Trigger release & lock provide easy-grip comfort. Learn More

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