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    1. Hurricane® Spin® Mop Head

      Hurricane® Spin® Mop Head


      Ultra-absorbent micro fiber mop head is washable and reusable.

      Extra mop head for Hurricane® Spin® Mop.

      Learn More
    2. Hurricane® Spin® Mop

      Hurricane® Spin® Mop


      Never Touch Dirty Water Again!

      Amazing mop & bucket cleaning system cleans hardwood, tile, travertine, laminate, marble and more by picking up dirt and then spinning it away. Simply dip mop head into washer to release the dirty mess…then place in dryer side and push pedal to spin it dry. 360° rotating mop picks up dust, dirt, pet hair & debris with no pre-sweeping needed cutting cleaning time in half. Ultra-absorbent micro fiber mop head is washable and reusable.

      Extra Hurricane® Spin® Mop Head also available.

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    3. Industrial Drain Cleaner

      Industrial Drain Cleaner


      No More Clogged Pipes!

      Don't call a plumber to unclog pipes. Industrial Drain Cleaner's commercial strength formula opens slow moving drains fast.

      No more caustic lye and other chemicals that can corrode your plumbing. Industrial Drain Cleaner safely works on bath and kitchen sinks, disposals, tubs, toilets and floor drains.

      • Concentrated Fresh Citrus Scent Formula
      • Spreads Out Evenly On The Inside Of The Entire Drain Pipe
      • Quickly Multiplies - Eats Up Clogging Grease & Other Matter
      • No Harmful Chemicals
      • Safe For All Pipes
      Learn More
    4. Anti Static Multi Purpose Wipes

      Anti Static Multi Purpose Wipes

      Never Run Out Of Mop Wipes Again! Each sturdy Jumbo 11” x 9” Terylene cloth traps dirt, dust & grime with ultra-efficiency. Can also be used alone to clean electronics and other household appliances. 100-piece value pack, less than 20 cents per sheet! Learn More
    5. Krazy Kloth®

      Krazy Kloth®

      Revolutionary Cleaning Breakthrough! Amazing Krazy Kloth® makes cleaning anything in the house from basement to attic fast & easy! Instantly polish & clean brass, copper, aluminum, chrome. Effortlessly wipe away scuff marks, paint specks, ink stains, starch build-up on irons. Measures approximately 14" x 9". Chemically-infused 100% cotton cloth. Learn More
    6. Flex Vacuum Attachment

      Flex Vacuum Attachment

      Clean Hard To Reach Places Fast & Easy! Save time, energy & frustration with this amazing bendable vacuum hose attachment set. Crevice tool tidies up nooks, crannies & creases while the brush attachment cleans upholstery, drapes, corners, baseboards, over, under & around. Innovative accordion elbow lets you easily conquer any obstacle. 13” long. 2-piece set attaches to standard size vacuum hose. Learn More
    7. Incontinence Odor Remover

      Incontinence Odor Remover

      Neutralize Odor Instantly! Eliminate embarrassing odor due to incontinence on upholstery, linens, under garments, towels & more. Advanced formula doesn’t just mask unpleasant odors but completely eliminates them in seconds…leaving behind a fresh, clean scent so you can get back to daily activities worry free. 8 fl. oz. comes in handy portable spray bottle to fit in pocket or purse. Learn More
    8. Enzymatic 60 Second Oven Cleaner

      Enzymatic 60 Second Oven Cleaner

      60 Seconds To A Spotless Oven! Miracle enzymatic formula is a combination of citrus oil complex and DuPont AHA that dissolves burnt on oven grease, grime & carbon buildup on contact…without dangerous, toxic chemicals. To clean, just spray it on oven surface and wipe clean with sponge and rinse. Leaves behind a spotlessly clean oven plus a powerful protective shield for a non-stick finish. 8 fl. oz. spray bottle. Learn More
    9. 2 In 1 Window Washer

      2 In 1 Window Washer

      Regular Price: $14.99

      Special Price: $7.99

      Safely Clean Your Windows Inside & Out. Telescoping handle lets you stand safely on the ground to clean those tall windows. Metal arm locks into three positions from 18¾” to 30½”, giving you the extra height you need. With a cleaning sponge on one end, and a drying squeegee on the other, your windows will be sparkly clean once again! Washer is even slim enough to fi t between double hung windows. Learn More
    10. Anti Lime Ring

      Anti Lime Ring

      Regular Price: $9.99

      Special Price: $5.99

      No Lime Deposits And No Harsh Chemicals! The magnetic influence of this revolutionary lime ring crystalizes the dissolved lime particles in water so no deposits are left behind. Reduce the damaging and unsightly deposits that lime causes to coffee makers, toilets and even humidifiers. Simply place the disk in the back of coffee maker, in the toilet water tank, or the water tank of your humidifier. No mess and no harsh chemicals. Lasts a lifetime! Learn More

    Grid List

    Set Descending Direction

    Items 1-10 of 31

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