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Copper Non-Stick Oven Grill Basket

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Copper Non-Stick Oven Grill Basket
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Perfectly Crisp Food Every Time!

Now you can have healthy, crispy food without the fat or the mess!

For use outdoors, simply place the basket on any gas, electric or charcoal grill!

The basket keeps vegetables and small food, like seafood, from falling through the grill grates and provides a clean grilling surface.

If using in your oven, there is no need for oil or butter, since the basket is 100% non-stick.

Ingenious design allows the heat to circulate evenly, so you donโ€™t have to flip food halfway through cooking.

Perfect hot air circulation prevents soggy, uneven cooking and ensures CRISP food every time!

Approximately 12" x 15" x 1 3โ„8". Dishwasher safe.