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Therapeutic Relief

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  1. Beige

    At Last! Compression Socks That Are Easy To Get Into.

    Designed to help reduce swelling...improve circulation! Gentle compression helps legs stay healthy while reducing swelling, increasing blood flow and adding comfort to painful muscles & joints.

    Convenient zipper lets you ensure the health benefits of 20-30 mmHg compression by making it ultra-easy to put on and take off...without frustrating, time-consuming wrestling and straining.

    Comfortable under clothing and footwear. Import of washable nylon/elastane. Great for men & women.

    Measure Calf Circumference:

    • S/M Fits Calves Up To 16”
    • L/XL Fits Calves Up To 19”

    Length (Relaxed Measurement):

    • S/M – 17 ¼”Long
    • L/XL – 20” Long


    Gentle Compression Helps:

    • Increase Circulation
    • Support Aching Tired Muscles
    • Reduce Swelling/Fluid Retention
    • Ease Varicose Vein Discomfort


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  2. Therapeutic Sciatica Pillow

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price $9.99

    Sit As Long As You Want Pain-Free!

    Unique Therapeutic Sciatica Pillow seat cushion is designed to take the weight off your thighs and bottom helping to eliminate sharp radiating pain in the lower back, spine, and legs.

    Lightweight and easily taken anywhere, even while driving. Includes removable poly/cotton washable cover. 100% polyester import.

    • Designed To Help Ease Lower Back Pain While Sitting
    • Easy To Take And Use Anywhere
    • 16" X 11" X 2¼"
    • Includes Zippered Cover With Handle
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  3. White
    Soft Cozy Knit Reduces Pressure On Skin Put dynamic all-day comfort relief in every step whenever you put these deluxe comfort socks between you and your shoes. Specially designed to protect diabetes and arthritis sufferers with sensitive, easily-irritated skin or painful swelling. Luxurious super-soft cotton/poly/spandex knit imported socks with smooth toe seam and forgiving non-binding top help reduce extreme foot pain, friction, abrasion, callus formation and blistering. Stretchy cross-stitch accommodates most calf sizes. Set of 3 Pairs. Learn More
  4. Therapeutic Gel Toes

    Regular Price: $14.99

    Special Price $7.99

    Soft Therapeutic Gel Toes For Soothing Relief.

    Wrap feet in unbelievably soft cushioned comfort. Cushy gel conforms to toes & feet to help take away joint pain, pressure point and painful foot problems.  Fits like a glove to help cushion and straighten toes and protect balls of feet.

    Wear them anywhere, any time for ultimate comfort…they even fit with shoes to rejuvenate each & every step. Surrounds aching toes & feet in soft gel.

    Great for men & women. Imported nylon & gel construction. One size fits most.

    Helps relieve pressure points & painful foot problems. Helps relieve pain from:

    • Hammer Toes
    • Bunions
    • Arthritic Joints
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Ball Of Foot Pain
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  5. Circulation Stockings

    Help Your Legs Feel Young Again!

    Just slip on these incredible therapeutic Circulation Stockings and fight the effects of gravity all day long. Helps stop blood from pooling in lower legs, ankles, and feet.

    Ribbed calf gently “massages” leg to help boost circulation, reduce swelling, and fight fatigue. Graduated compression. Imported made of nylon/spandex. One size fits most.

    Helps To:

    • Boost Blood Flow & Circulation
    • Reduce Swelling
    • Fight Fatigue
    • Perfect For Long Distance Traveling
    • Designed To Help Guard Against: Edema, Thrombosis, Phlebitis, And More
    Learn More
  6. Migraine Relief Wrap

    Say Goodbye To Migraine Pain! Blessed drug-free relief from the debilitating pain & agony of migraine headaches. Therapeutic hot/cold band provides a soothing, consistent pressure to compress blood vessels and help relieve throbbing migraines, headaches and sinus pain. Reusable 30” long wrap with soft gel beads conforms to the shape of your head. Learn More
  7. Slouch Solution™

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price $12.99

    No More Slouching. Wear for just 30 minutes per day to look & feel better. Comfortable and discreet under your clothing, you can wear while exercising, working, or doing just about anything. A mere 30 minutes daily may remind your muscles of correct posture, while helping to properly align your spine and shoulders to help improve posture and prevent slouching. Helps reduce back pain and creates a slimming look. Polyester import measures approx. 12.4” x 6.9” x .39”. Learn More
  8. Arch Support Compression Sox
    Total Leg & Foot Therapy Uniquely designed circulation stockings help to reduce swelling, improve circulation, support and lift the foot for pain relief. Compression stockings fit snugly and can be hard to take on and off, but these are made with a durable easy-slide zipper for fast and easy use. Helps protect the health of your legs with gentle, graduated compression. Targeted support in the ankle and arch area help stabilize the ankle and lifts the foot for relief from plantar fasciitis and fallen arches. Import made of nylon & elastane features 20-30mmHg compression and available in two sizes. Regular Fits Calves Up To 16” Large Fits Calves Up To 19” Unique Knit Design Helps: • Support Ankles • Reduce Swelling • Improve Circulation • Plantar Fasciitis Pain • Lifts & Supports Arch For Pain Relief Learn More
  9. Miracle Bamboo® Cushion

    World’s Most Comfortable Seat Cushion! Miracle Bamboo® Cushion’s orthopedic foam is both soft and supportive at the same time. It conforms to your body shape and provides the ultimate support. Molds to any shape for superior support and comfort while the cut-away design allows the tailbone to float above the seat to help relieve the pressure caused by sitting, for long or short periods of time. The outer shell is made of polyester & viscose from Bamboo. This revolutionary new fabric is as soft as cotton, as strong as silk, and extremely durable to withstand everyday use. Learn More
  10. Memory Foam Seat Cushion

    Instant Comfort Any Time...Anywhere! It’s instant pain therapy for lower back, spine, derriere and thighs. Luxurious sueded two-tone fabric and memory foam cushion helps relieve aches, pains and fatigue at home, in the car, or at the office. Imported of poly/memory foam. Approximately 39”L x 17”W. Learn More

Grid List

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1-10 of 155

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