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  1. Back Saving Gap Brush

    Your Back Will Thank You! Heavy-duty telescoping brush, with swivel head approximately 6”L x 1”W, handle extends from 35” to 59” to get to those tight areas you couldn’t reach before. Brush can be removed from handle and hand held to scrub grout and window tracks. No more kneeling or stretching to reach those tight crevices. Great for tiled showers and floors, grout, windows, sliding door tracks and more. Easily reaches between appliances for a deep, thorough scrubbing. Learn More
  2. Electro-Static Broom

    Sweep Once & Only Once!

    Incredible Electro-Static Broom creates static on its foam surface as you sweep. Forces dust, dirt & pet hair to cling to it like magic. Protects the health of you, your family and your beloved pets, too. Perfect for use on any type of floor or carpeting. 12 “ wide sweeping head with extendable handle to 51” long.

    • Picks Up Dust, Debris & Pet Hair Like A Magnet
    • Works On Carpets & Hard Surfaces
    • Perfect For Sweeping Up Pet Hair
    Learn More
  3. Enzymatic 60 Second Oven Cleaner

    60 Seconds To A Spotless Oven! Miracle enzymatic formula is a combination of citrus oil complex and DuPont AHA that dissolves burnt on oven grease, grime & carbon buildup on contact…without dangerous, toxic chemicals. To clean, just spray it on oven surface and wipe clean with sponge and rinse. Leaves behind a spotlessly clean oven plus a powerful protective shield for a non-stick finish. 8 fl. oz. spray bottle. Learn More
  4. Total Bathroom Brush

    Telescoping Scrub Brush Cleans It All! No more bending and stretching to clean your bathroom – let this brush do the hard work for you! Heavy-duty tub, tile and toilet brush extends from 29” to 54”, easily reaching floors, ceilings and shower walls. Plastic head swivels and detaches to use in smaller areas. All-in-one brush eliminates the need for multiple cleaning utensils for your bathroom and saves your back in the process!. Learn More
  5. Magic Sweeper

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price $16.99

    Back Saving Sweeper! Tired of lugging around a heavy vacuum or struggling with a broom and dustpan? Now you don’t have to! Easy to use sweeper features two special 360° rotating heads, a “catch bucket” for dust and dirt, handle and 40” L extension pole. Easily reaches corners and tight spots, keeping your floors clean while saving you from back breaking work! This “Magic” Sweeper works like a vacuum, with the ease of a broom and no electricity or batteries! You’ll wonder how you survived without it! Learn More
  6. Instant Spot Remover

    Just Aim & Spray! Treat all stains, old & new, quickly and safely removing them from clothing, upholstery, carpeting, draperies and more. Simply spray it on and let the powerful formula go to work. Non-corrosive formula won’t discolor or weaken white or colorfast fabrics. 12 fl. oz formula is odorless, non-flammable and biodegradable. Instantly Dissolves: •Ink •Blood •Grass •Grease Learn More
  7. Dr. Rooter Vortex Plunger™

    Like Professionals Use! Amazing vortex plunger is what actual plumbers use to unclog hair, grease, soap scum and debris. Forceful oversized head with built-in dual suction seal and roaming vortex captures and releases a powerful blast of air & water to quickly & easily free stubborn clogs. Ergonomic dual-grip handle lets you apply maximum force with minimum effort. Drip tray included. Learn More
  8. Gas Range Protectors S/4
    No More Scrubbing! With this set of non-stick, reusable, gas range protectors there is no more scrubbing of splatters and burnt on, boiled over messes. 100% Non-stick surface wipes clean quickly and easily OR you can drop them in the dishwasher and be done! Available in black & silver set of 4 - 10” x 10” liners can be cut to fit any gas range. Learn More
  9. FabriClear™

    Stay Bug Bite Free! FabriClear™ kills bed bugs, dust mites, eggs, larvae and more on contact by protecting you and your loved ones from bed bug bites. Safe to spray on furniture, beds, carpets drapes and more! Includes one 16oz. spray bottle and 2oz. travel size. Learn More
  10. Jumbo Flour Sack Towels
    Super Absorbent Flour Sack Dish Towels 100% cotton flour sack imported dish towels are super absor-bent for fast drying. Perfect for glassware, flatware, crystal and silverware. They’re also great for blotting moisture from dried salad greens or covering rising dough, too! Each fully hemmed towel is a jumbo 28" x 29". Learn More

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10 Item(s)