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  1. Gingerbread House Kit

    Regular Price: $14.99

    Special Price $5.99

    Bake And Create A Classic Gingerbread House! Colorful Gingerbread Houses are a Holiday tradition that always brings a smile. Now you can bake your own, with this easy to use set of cutters. Roll out the dough and cut out each side, the rooftop, chimney, even a front porch, steps and trees. 7pc. set builds a 7” H x 8” L x 5” W house. Learn More
  2. Frozen Food Cooker

    Regular Price: $9.99

    Special Price $7.99

    Microwaving Made Even Easier! Ingenious food holder is perfect for microwaving frozen vegetables or full meals. Insert frozen food box or pouch into holder and when ready to serve, simply snip and pour! No more burns from handling hot items. Helps keep your microwave clean too! Measures 77⁄8” x 5 3⁄4” x 1 5⁄8”. Learn More
  3. Compact Folding Thermometer

    A Must Have For Every Cook! Unique compact folding thermometer makes it easy to cook meat perfectly! Folding design is convenient for storage making it perfect for the kitchen, BBQ’s, camping and more. Auto shut off feature preserves the (included) battery life shutting off after 5 minutes. Stainless steel probe and plastic case will last and last. Approx 4½” closed & 7½” open. Learn More
  4. Multi Purpose Comfort Wedge

    Sleep Better Stress-Free. Prop it upright to support lower & upper back and shoulders while sitting, traveling, watching TV or reading; lay it down to become a neck, sleep or knee pillow at night. Helps relieve acid reflux, relax tight muscles, aid in night-time breathing for stress-free sleep, relieve pressure on knees & lower back, and so much more. 14” x 17” x 8” wedge of soft Polyurethane foam. Colors may vary. Learn More
  5. Custom Fitted Cover

    White Cover for Multi Purpose Comfort Wedge. Made of 65% Polyester & 35% Cotton Measures 14" X 17" X 8" Cushion sold separately. Learn More
  6. Safety Bath Grip

    Extra Help When And Where You Need It.

    The Safety Bath Grip provides the extra help sometimes needed getting in and out of the bath tub or shower. Simply mount on any smooth surface and press the tabs down securely attaching the extra large suction cups in place. No tools are required. Measures 11 1/2”L x 3 1/2”W. Colors may vary.

    • Provides A Sturdy Grip In Tubs & Showers
    • Easily Mounts On Any Smooth Surface
    • No Tools Required
    Learn More
  7. Multi-Use Squeegee

    Dries Better Than Towels Or Shammies! This multi-use squeegee, with non-slip sturdy handle, delivers a clean and streak free surface. Flexible silicone blade conforms to most surfaces and does not scratch. Measures approx. 12”L x 3 3⁄4”W. Learn More
  8. Industrial Drain Cleaner

    No More Clogged Pipes!

    Don't call a plumber to unclog pipes. Industrial Drain Cleaner's commercial strength formula opens slow moving drains fast.

    No more caustic lye and other chemicals that can corrode your plumbing. Industrial Drain Cleaner safely works on bath and kitchen sinks, disposals, tubs, toilets and floor drains.

    • Concentrated Fresh Citrus Scent Formula
    • Spreads Out Evenly On The Inside Of The Entire Drain Pipe
    • Quickly Multiplies - Eats Up Clogging Grease & Other Matter
    • No Harmful Chemicals
    • Safe For All Pipes
    Learn More
  9. Electro-Static Broom

    Sweep Once & Only Once!

    Incredible Electro-Static Broom creates static on its foam surface as you sweep. Forces dust, dirt & pet hair to cling to it like magic. Protects the health of you, your family and your beloved pets, too. Perfect for use on any type of floor or carpeting. 12 “ wide sweeping head with extendable handle to 51” long.

    • Picks Up Dust, Debris & Pet Hair Like A Magnet
    • Works On Carpets & Hard Surfaces
    • Perfect For Sweeping Up Pet Hair
    Learn More
  10. LED Desk Lamps (B1G1 FREE)
    Cordless Electric Convenience! Shine a bright illuminating glow on desktop, hobby area, bedside, reading area…anywhere you need to see clearly in the darkness, without ever having to change a bulb! Powerful & reliable as emergency back-up lighting too. 8” x 4” x 3” & uses 3 AA batteries. Learn More

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21-30 of 265