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  1. Flower Pot Tomatoes
    Enjoy Fresh Tomatoes All Year! Grow the biggest, best tasting tomatoes in a flower pot. Rutgers tomato seeds produce big, delicious tomatoes in about 60 days. Grows in a flower pot on decks, patio or balcony. Set of 3 includes three plastic pots, soil and Rutgers tomato seeds. Just add water and watch them grow...indoors or out. Learn More
  2. Rainbow Plants
    Magical Leaves Create Prismatic colors Stunning one-of-a-kind colors and patterns adorn each spectacular leaf section that grows up to 7” in about 14 days! Set of 3 starter kits include: 3-4” pots, potting soil and magical seeds ready to plant. Thrives indoors or out. Learn More
  3. Bessie May Windchime

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    A Windchime & Planter In One! Adorable ceramic cow windchime doubles as a planter for use indoors or out! Top “Momma” cow displays your favorite plant as her “Baby Herd” hangs below to create melodic chimes with the slightest breeze. Beautiful import is 26” x 5” and will make you smile each time you see it! Learn More
  4. Handy Spreader

    Year Round Helper! No more heavy bags! Now you can spread salt, grass seed or fertilizer evenly over a larger area in a fraction of the time. Jumbo size 67 oz. ergonomically designed shaker distributes evenly right where you want it. 11” x 5” x 4” polypropylene container. Learn More
  5. Resurrection Plant™

    The House Plant That Never Dies!

    Grow the fastest-acting plant on the planet! Our amazing Resurrection Plant™ “comes back to life” from a dormant brown ball to a lush fern in just 3 hours. It can survive a full 50 years without water or light because it just goes dormant – it doesn’t die. Don’t have a “green thumb”? This is the plant for you!

    Plus, no mess and easy to care for because no dirt is needed – just water! Makes a great science project for kids, too! Complete kit includes: 5 3/8”diameter clear bowl, 1 Resurrection Plant, and 1 bag of New Mexico Lava Rocks.

    Learn More
  6. Instant Flower Garden

    A Living Flower Carpet All Season Long.

    For flowering annuals that bloom from spring through fall all you do is water...and cut. It’s that simple. 20” x 60” mat is embedded with an array of colorful favorites: marigold, zinnia, cosmos, calendula and more!

  7. Jumbo Sunflower Mat
    Sunflowers…A Garden Favorite! Vibrant jumbo sunflowers will grow up to 6 feet tall, producing delicious edible seeds, while brightening up your garden. Just roll it out or cut it to fi t where ever you want, cover with soil and water… that’s it! Great for pots, flower beds, gardens and more. 20” x 60” pre-seeded mat is made of recycled paper & filled with fresh, healthy seeds. Learn More
  8. Songbird Flower Mat
    Love To Hear Singing Birds? Songbirds will flock to your yard and serenade you with their sweet sounds. Just roll out the pre-seeded flower mat full of the most colorful flowers you can imagine. Cover in dirt, add water, and in only a few weeks you will have the most vibrant floral display you have ever seen. 20” x 60” pre-seeded mats are made with recycled paper and can be cut to fi t any area perfectly. Learn More
  9. Monarch Butterfly Flower Mat
    Gorgeous Flowers & Amazing Butterflies For Your Yard! The Monarch Butterfly population has declined by 90% over the past two decades due to the shortage of milkweed…the monarch caterpillar’s main source of food. This ingenious paper mat is pre-seeded with flowers and plants that will help end the threat of extinction. Just roll out the cut to fit 20” x 60” mat, add top soil and water and wait for the beauty to begin! Help save these amazing butterflies from extinction, while enjoying their beauty, and the beauty of these flowers, in your own yard! •Enjoy Colorful Flowers & Beautiful Butterflies! •Simple & Easy To Use Help •Save Monarch Butterflies From Extinction Learn More

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9 Item(s)