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  1. Flea Doctor™

    Kills Fleas Without Pesticides! Electronic comb easily kills & removes disgusting fleas chemical-free! Reaches deep into your pet’s coat, finds the fleas, kills and removes them with no discomfort to your pet. Simply slide the blade to discard the dead fleas – Touch Free! Requires 2 – AA batteries, available everywhere. Learn More
  2. Collapsible Pet Carrier

    Helps Take The “Trauma” Out Of Trips! Specially designed pet carrier wedges in a car seat with its unique “V” shape, adding extra security and support during transportation. Large front opening and 4-sided ventilation allows optimal air circulation and easy access. Comfortably accommodates all pets up to 12” tall or 25 lbs., folding flat for easy storage when not in use. Approx. 18 3⁄8” L x 14”W x 12 1⁄2”H. Learn More
  3. ScrubbyPet™ Bath Mittens

    Use Anywhere, Anytime! Keep your pets clean and fresh at home and on the go! Scrubby Pet Mitts are so easy to use… just add water, scrub and towel dry! No rinsing required! Disposable, fragrance-free mitts are made with PH balanced quality ingredients that are healthy for and gentle on your pet’s skin. Works on all pets! Learn More
  4. Cat Scratch Mat

    Now They’ll Scratch The Mat...Not Your Furniture. In nature, cats scratch trees to keep claws healthy. In your home, he substitutes table & chair legs to clean & sharpen his claws. This natural Sisal scratch mat wraps around table & chair legs to protect expensive furnishings from unsightly, damaging claw marks. 17¾” x 12¼” & imported of Sisal Hemp/poly. Can be used as a mat too! Learn More
  5. Playtime Cat Arch

    Stops Cat From Shedding & Scratching. Clever cat arch with durable bristles massages kitty while removing excess shedding hair. Carpeted base lets him freely scratch & stretch to keep your furniture safe from his claws. Hanging mouse toy keeps him stimulated while the catnip (not included) keeps him coming back for more. Learn More
  6. Cat Condo

    Pamper Your Favorite Felines! The cat condo easily fits into any corner of the house, providing them with their own two-story space to play, sleep & lounge. Sturdy design, made of durable polyester, assembles quickly & easily without any tools. 14” x 14” unit stands approx. 27” high. Learn More
  7. Non Skid Dog Bowl Tray

    A 5-Paw Dining Experience! Non-skid tray is designed with a rubbery base & raised back to prevent spills while your pooch is dining. Unique “moat” design keeps unwanted ants away when filled with water. 21” x 10” x 3” tray holds 2 bowls up to 8½” dia. securely in place. Learn More
  8. Waterproof Pet Seat Protector
    Covers The Entire Seat! Protect your expensive car interior while keeping your precious pet traveling in the lap of luxury. Generous 57” x 57” waterproof cloth mat easily attaches to your headrests for a secure fit covering your entire seat without blocking seat belts. Made of waterproof oxford cloth. Learn More
  9. Portable Pet Steps

    Help Pets Climb With Ease. Portable steps unfold instantly to make it easy and safe for pets to climb onto beds, into car, or up to couch or chair. Great for smaller or older animals with mobility problems or illness. Three sturdy steps in handy fold-down design for easy storage. Durable, easy-clean plastic construction. 14 3⁄4”H x 12”L x 4 1⁄4”W. Learn More
  10. Pet Grooming Apron

    Keep Clean And Dry While Grooming Your Pet!

    4 handy pockets keep grooming accessories at your fingertips. One size fits all. Adjustable straps and back tie for a secure fit. Import made of water-resistant polyester. 18” x 13“.

    Learn More

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