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    1. Talking Coin Jar

      Talking Coin Jar

      Regular Price: $16.99

      Special Price: $7.99

      See & Hear Your Savings Grow!

      Large capacity talking coin jar “tells” you exactly what’s inside by speaking out your coin count and totals even when you’re adding coins.

      Handy LCD digital counter also keeps track of coins and reads out your current balance too.

      6” high and runs of 2 AAA batteries available everywhere.

      Learn More
    2. Magnetic Door Stopper

      Magnetic Door Stopper

      Regular Price: $7.99

      Special Price: $5.99

      Mighty Magnet Holds The Door Open For You Powerful magnetic door stopper holds the door open & keeps it open…automatically, effortlessly. Gleaming brass look door stop holds any door securely open yet releases easily once you need to close the door. Measures 3” long with an elegant brass look. Learn More
    3. Illuminated Pocket Magnifier

      Illuminated Pocket Magnifier


      Bring Fine Print 500% Closer!


      Now it’s so easy to see intricate hobby work, Biblical passages, fine print, maps, menus, and so much more.


      Just hold up this brightly lit 10-LED hand held magnifier to bring it all 500% closer…without eyestrain & pain.


      5X magnification, easy on/off control, and complete pocket/purse portability goes where you need it most.


      7” long & runs on 2 AA batteries available everywhere.


      • 5X Magnification
      • Portable 7" Long
      • 10 LED Lights For Bright Viewing
      • Easy On/Off
      • Uses 2 AA Batteries Available Everywhere
      Learn More
    4. Memory Foam Seat Cushion

      Memory Foam Seat Cushion

      Instant Comfort Any Time...Anywhere! It’s instant pain therapy for lower back, spine, derriere and thighs. Luxurious sueded two-tone fabric and memory foam cushion helps relieve aches, pains and fatigue at home, in the car, or at the office. Imported of poly/memory foam. Approximately 39”L x 17”W. Learn More
    5. Indoor & Outdoor Readers

      Indoor & Outdoor Readers

      Easily Read Inside Or Out. Why spend a fortune on prescription reading glasses? Set of 3 stylish unisex glasses can be yours at a fraction of the cost. The set includes: 2 pair of clear glasses and 1 tinted pair for sun protection. Whether you’re at home or on the go, they’re always there, ready to make reading so much easier on your eyes...and on your wallet. Sure to be your perfect companion for bedside, restaurants, office or auto. Learn More
    6. Mesh Lumbar Support

      Mesh Lumbar Support

      Regular Price: $16.99

      Special Price: $9.99

      Perfect Lumbar Support. Adjustable 15 1⁄2" x 15 1⁄2" imported Nylon mesh lumbar back support cushions lower lumbar areas with spring-action and cooling ventilated support. Learn More
    7. Talking Caller I.D. Speaker Phone

      Talking Caller I.D. Speaker Phone


      Unique Phone Announces Caller!

      The Talking Caller I.D. Speaker Phone announces who’s calling before you pick up. Easy to hear, read, and use this state of the art phone that offers Caller I.D. announcement and display, emergency call function, speaker phone and much more. The extra-large and extra-loud features make this phone ideal for hearing impaired or seniors.


      • Talking Caller I.D.
      • Speaker Phone
      • Extra Large Buttons
      • Extra Loud Ringer
      • Hands Free Dialing
      • Built-In Phone Book
      • Emergency Call Function
      • 7"W x 6"D x 3"H
      Learn More
    8. 3 In 1 Organizer

      3 In 1 Organizer

      Regular Price: $9.99

      Special Price: $4.99

      It’s Not Just For Music. Unique organizing case securely holds your cell phone, cash & ID, music device, keys and more with a wrap around magic touch closure. Easily attachs to your waistband, arm or wrist with matching strap. Approx. 4½” x 2½”. Learn More
    9. Battery On The Go

      Battery On The Go


      Re-Charge Anywhere...Anytime!

      Re-charge cell phone, iPhone, Android, electronic tablets and more! Doubles the life of rechargeable batteries to keep up with the power demands of your busy life. Simply plug into power bar and press the button. Shuts off automatically when electronic device is fully recharged. About 4” long with durable hi-impact high grade aluminum body.

      Battery On-the-Go Is Great For:

      • iPhone
      • Android
      • Smartphones
      • Electronic Tablets
      • Gaming Devices
      • & More!
      Learn More
    10. Folding Magnifier

      Folding Magnifier

      Regular Price: $9.99

      Special Price: $5.99

      See Small Print Clearly!! Powerful LED lighted magnifier flips over for instant 3X magnification. Compact 2 3⁄4” x 1 3⁄8”easily fits in your purse or clips on to your pocket or belt for quick easy access. Learn More

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    Items 1-10 of 49

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