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  1. Handy Stitch™

    Handy Stitch™


    Big Power–Small Size!

    Forget big, bulky sewing machines you have to lug in & out of the sewing cabinet. Lightweight & portable battery-operated Handy Stitch™ sewing machine fits in the palm of your hand to quickly work its wonders on clothing repairs, hemming skirts, slacks, jackets, jeans…even hems drapes where they hang.

    Runs on 4 AA batteries or AC Adapter For Handy Stitch™.

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  2. High Powered Binoculars

    High Powered Binoculars

    YOU WON’T BELIEVE YOUR EYES Made with a rugged shock resistant rubber armored body these high powered binoculars have powerful quality lenses capable of 1000% (10x) power magnification. Enjoy the view for miles and miles through the high impact non-shatter ruby coated lenses. The light weight modern, compact design features soft rubber eye caps, eye width regulator and easy to use center focusing wheel. Learn More
  3. Laptop Learner™

    Laptop Learner™


    Hours Of Learning Fun For Kids!

    Wireless electronic tablet engages children 3+ years in over 55 challenging games that teach spelling, numbers, music, drawing and so much more for hours.

    Built-in LCD screen & speaker, keyboard, volume control, music button and answer button is an early introduction to the world of electronics.

    10” x 7” & runs on 3 AA batteries. Includes choice of pink or blue protective carrying case.

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  4. Lavender Scented Snuggle Lamb

    Lavender Scented Snuggle Lamb

    Calming Warmth...Lavender Aromatherapy. Cuddly comfort comes in the shape of an adorable, huggable lamb that surrounds a removable, microwavable or freezable natural grain pack. Infused with a light lavender scent to promote soothing, restful sleep. 8” x 4” x 8” machine washable poly case with sturdy velcro closure. Learn More
  5. Mighty Bite™ Special Edition Lure Kit

    Mighty Bite™ Special Edition Lure Kit


    Don’t Let The Big One Get Away!

    Amazing innovation in fishing lure technology actually creates such realistic wounded baitfish look, sound & smell it provokes multiple, vicious & swift strikes from your target catch. Patent pending bite mark, scent stick & rattle chambers attract & trigger strikes from even the most neutral fish.

    Aggressive reaction is caused by the exclusive DNA trigger technology that overrides fish’s 5 senses causing it to track, stalk and take the bait without letting go. Complete 100-pc. set ensures your best fishing season ever!

    100 Piece Fishing Lure Kit Contains:

    • 2 - 3.75” Mighty Bite (1 Chartreuse, 1 Tennessee Shad)
    • 2 - 4” Hooked and unhooked Mighty Fin (1 Tennessee Shad, 1 Chartreuse)
    • 2 - 5” Unhooked Mighty Fin (1 Tennessee Shad, 1 Chartreuse)
    • 2 - 5.5” Mighty Bite (1 Herring, 1 Tennessee Shad)
    • 2 - 6” Hooked and unhooked Mighty Fin (1 Herring, 1 Silver/White)
    • 2 - New-Red Nose Hooks
    • 2 - Wide Gap Offset Hooks for Mighty Fin
    • 11 - Assorted size Scent Sticks
    • 4 - Assorted size rattles
    • 8 - Assorted size fins
    • 5 - Assorted size tail weights
    • 8 - Assorted size “Fin Locking Pins”
    • 51 - Assorted size weed guards
    • 1 - Instruction sheet
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  6. Mini Fan with Flashlight

    Mini Fan with Flashlight

    It’s A Fan...It’s A Flashlight...All In One! Travels in pocket or purse for take-anywhere convenience with handy loop to hang over purse handle or belt loop for instant easy access. Bright LED and fan with soft foam blades run on 2 AAA batteries available everywhere. 5” L x 2” W. Learn More
  7. My Fun Fish™

    My Fun Fish™

    The Aquarium That Cleans Itself Like Magic! Teach kids responsibility while they enjoy a unique underwater world of beauty, life and light. Incredible self-cleaning ½ gallon aquarium with amazing Gravity Clean technology actually cleans itself to create a healthy home environment for any Betta and Gold fish (not included). All you do is add water and fish wildlife. Water stays clean, fresh and oxygenated to create your fish’s ideal home. Includes 4” x 4” x 10” aquarium, light, lid, grill, tube, plastic plant, bag of stones and 2 lithium batteries. Learn More
  8. Photo Pen (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

    Photo Pen (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

    Regular Price: $12.99

    Special Price: $7.99

    Unique Pen Frames Your Favorite Photo!

    Personalize this unique ballpoint pen with one of your favorite photos inserted right into the shaft of the pen. Smooth-writing 5 ¾” long ballpoint pen with pocket clip and rubberized comfort grip for easy use.

    Fits One 1 7⁄8” x 2 3⁄4” Photo.

    Learn More
  9. Prism Bed Specs

    Prism Bed Specs

    Watch TV Or Read While Lying Down! Innovative eyewear uses the power of the prism to bend your vision downward 90°…so you don’t have to bend your head up when you lie down to read, watch TV or enjoy a movie. Eliminates pain & discomfort from craning, twisting or straining neck, back & arm muscles can cause. Learn More
  10. Pro Series Studio Style Headphones

    Pro Series Studio Style Headphones

    Crystal Clear Sound Extreme Comfort. Deluxe in-line microphone with control panel on tangle-free flat cord lets you play, pause, fast forward and rewind music…plus adjust volume, answer and hang up calls. Down deep bass, crisp highs and high definition quality housed in the luxurious comfort of deluxe, soft padded earphones and cushioned adjustable headband. Learn More

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