Mini Masher


Looking for the perfect mini masher tool for your meal preparation? This one is as good as it gets! When it comes to pulverizing foods in a bowl or container, size does matter. There are times when a large masher is too big and bulky to use with smaller bowls and containers. That’s why it’s essential to have one of these neat mini mashers on hand. This one features a classic masher design constructed of double stainless steel for solid, reliable operation. As you press down on the mini masher, the holes at the bottom allow food to strain through, helping to turn hard food into a soft mash.

This tool can easily become your go-to mini potato masher, if you need a small potato masher for preparing mashed potatoes for one or two people. It also does a great job on avocados, garlic and other foods. This hand potato masher measures approximately 6 3/4” long x 2” in diameter.
  • Sized to work in smaller bowls
  • Great for making egg or tuna salad, mashing bananas and homemade baby food
  • Features a durable stainless-steel head with sturdy plastic handle
  • Perfect size for adults or young cooks to handle with ease
  • Mini masher measures 6 3/4” long with a 2” diameter head
  • Dishwasher safe
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