Sleep better stress-free on a Multi-Purpose Wedge Pillow by Dream Products. This exclusive cradling pillow has many uses to help you relax and recover. Prop it upright to support the lower/upper back and shoulders while sitting, traveling, watching TV or reading. Then lay it down to become a neck, sleep or knee pillow at night. You can even bring it with you as a comfortable travel pillow to hotels and on camping trips. The design can help relieve acid reflux, relax tight muscles, aid in nighttime breathing for stress-free sleep, relieve pressure on the knees and lower back and so much more.

Comfortably relax your way with our stress-reducing multi-use wedge pillow. It’s made of soft polyurethane foam that provides support without feeling firm. At 14” long x 17” wide x 8” high, it can support almost any person’s size and body type. Our affordable price on this unique bed pillow will leave you all smiles.
  • Soft polyurethane foam
  • 14” long x 17” wide x 8” high
  • 12 oz.
  • Colors may vary