Vapor Soothers® Mentholated Nasal Clips, Set of 14


Relieve nasal congestion fast!

Are you tired of using over-the-counter decongestants and nasal sprays containing ingredients that may cause side effects? Revolutionary Vapor Soothers® can provide quiet, drug-free relief for hours at a time. These ingenious mentholated nasal dilator clips easily attach to the inside of your nose for instant congestion relief. The specially designed comfort clip applies gentle pressure on the septum to immediately open nasal passages, increasing air flow so you can breathe easier.

This simple solution works in minutes, providing a minimum of 12 hours of relief from common nasal congestion symptoms. While using Vapor Soothers, you can get quick, long-lasting relief from symptoms of stuffiness, cold, flu, allergies, hay fever and snoring. These tiny nose clips are discreet enough to wear at home or out and about. They are mentholated with certified organic ingredients.

We offer two powerful scents: Choose Peppermint for daytime, which also helps improve memory and sharpen focus, or Nighttime Lavender to encourage restful sleep and reduce stress, anxiety and sounds of nasal snoring.

By switching to Vapor Soothers nasal clips, you can experience improved breathing while avoiding unwanted side effects from pills, ointments, sprays or patches. These disposable nasal clips are intended for one-time use. Each set includes 14 soft, flexible nose clips.

Warning: Do not use clips for more than 12 hours consecutively per day.
  • Relieve nasal congestion fast with mentholated nasal dilator clips
  • Applies gentle pressure to immediately open nasal passages and increase air flow
  • Long-lasting relief from stuffiness, cold, flu, allergies, hay fever and snoring
  • Nasal clips help you avoid unwanted side effects from pills, ointments, sprays or patches
  • Set of 14 soft, flexible, disposable nose clips
  • Works in minutes, provides 12 hours of relief
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