Vertical Blind Repair Tabs - Pack Of 10


Vertical blinds are one of the most popular window treatments in modern homes. When they are working properly, they provide cooling shade and reliable privacy in any room. But what do you do when one or more of the individual blinds accidentally tears or breaks off? You probably begin by searching for information on how to fix your blinds. However, you may soon discover that finding vertical blind parts can be challenging, because even if you do find the right repair parts to fix your type of vertical blinds, you have to know how to perform the repairs or hire a skilled repair person.

Fortunately, this vertical blind repair tabs kit is so much better than searching a big-box store for the necessary parts. With these tabs, there’s no need to install a whole new part. Instead, you can simply peel off one of the clear tabs from its self-adhesive backing and place it directly on the tear or break. Repairs can be done in seconds!
  • Plastic construction
  • Pack of 10
  • Each tab covers 1”-square area
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