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  1. Arthritis Wrist Support

    Wrap Your Wrist In Healing Comfort.

    Suffer no more from painful arthritic joints in wrist and hands. Specially designed Arthritis Wrist Support allows freedom of movement while it protects and supports. Eases pain in right or left hand. Miracle-cling closure allows a secure custom fit.

    • A "Helping Hand" For Arthritis Sufferers
    • Miracle Cling Closure For A Custom Fit
    • Stabilizes Thumb & Wrist
    • Use On Right Or Left Hand
    • Instant Healing Comfort
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  2. Total Body Therapy Wrap

    Vanquish Pain!

    Pop our Total Therapy Wrap into a microwave or freezer, put it on like a jacket, and feel the pain dissolve. It’s specially designed to hug the contours of neck, shoulders, back, and chest to instantly deliver the soothing healing power of cold or hot therapy. A great solution for arthritis, bursitis, backache, joint pain, sports injuries, tension, and more. One size fits all. 22 1/2"L x 13"W imported Polyester quilt with natural Buckwheat fill.

    Soothing therapy for:

    • Arthritis
    • Bursitis
    • Muscle Aches And Pains
    • Joint Pain
    • Sports Injuries
    • Tension
    • Stress
    • And More
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  3. Swing Master™

    "Zero-Gravity" Exerciser Helps Improve Your Health!


    Revolutionary “Zero-Gravity” Swing Master™ won’t stress joints or muscles, yet one 15 minute session offers the same health benefits as a brisk 90 minute walk.


    Just lie down, place feet on comfy foam cushion, switch on using handy control unit and enjoy the relaxing, gentle, side-to-side swinging motion of this chi machine passive exerciser. Note: Cannot ship outside the contiguous 48 states.

    • Gentle Swing Action
    • Won't Stress Joints Or Muscles
    • 15 Minute Session = 90 Minute Brisk Walk
    • Promotes A Strong Immune System
    • Developed By Scientists
    • Boosts Circulation & Increases Metabolism
    • Helps Chronic Back Problems & Relieves Tension
    • Detoxifies & Improves Digestion
    • Strengthens Muscles
    • And More!

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  4. Relaxing Leg Cream/Pills

    At Last! Relief For Restless Legs!

    Don’t let Restless Leg Syndrome ruin another night’s sleep. 100% natural homeopathic formula calms painful twitching, cramping and tingling.

    Clinically tested and proven to help calm symptoms quickly. Choose non-greasy 4 oz. cream or easy-to-take 125 tablets.

    • All Natural Homeopathic Pills
    • Non-Greasy Cream
    • Calm, Relax, Relieve, Soothe
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  5. Patellar Knee Strap

    Advanced Orthopedic Design Stabilizes & Supports Knee Cap.

    Simply slip on instant support and pain relief with this ingenious, easy-to-use Patellar Knee Strap. Gives gentle yet firm support to tendons & knee joint to increase mobility – decrease pain. Advanced orthopedic design allows full range of motion for weak, injured or arthritic knees. 19” L & imported of cushiony neoprene/nylon with adjustable hook & loop closure for a perfect fit.

    • Increases Mobility & Decreases Pain
    • Supports & Aligns Knee
    • Adjustable Tension Straps For A Comfortable & Secure Fit
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  6. Blue

    Regular Price: $49.99

    Special Price $39.99

    Miracle Chair Pad Helps Reduce Numbness & Discomfort.

    This ideal cushion reduces body pressure, stimulates circulation, reduces numbness, soreness and discomfort as well as reduces heat build-up by increasing air circulation.

    Total Chair Cushion is great for any chair around the house and wheelchairs too!

    Filled with 2½" of hypo-allergenic polyester fiberfill this one-piece construction prevents slippage. Machine washable and measures 38" H x 42" L.

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  7. Therapeutic Calf Sleeve

    Helps Relieve Painful Swelling.

    Firm surgical weight microfiber delivers graduated 18–24 mmHG compression and soothing warmth. Covers your entire lower leg encouraging powerful pain relief and enhanced circulation. Footless “second skin” import sleeve with honeycomb knit top & ankle bands is made of stretchy Nylon/Spandex. Measure circumference of calf for size.

    Seamless Graduated Compression Helps:

    • Support Calf
    • Stimulate Circulation
    • Reduce Swelling
    • Inhibit Fluid Retention
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  8. Multi Function Gel Insoles

    Customize All Your Shoes! Simply slip these clever cushioned gel insoles into shoes or boots for instant pain relief with every step you take. Ingenious interlocking non-slip heel risers can be stacked for added support & cushioning or to equalize different leg lengths. You get two gel insoles and 6 heel risers for shockabsorbing customized comfort from ¼”- 1 ¼” high. Learn More
  9. Migraine Relief Wrap

    Say Goodbye To Migraine Pain! Blessed drug-free relief from the debilitating pain & agony of migraine headaches. Therapeutic hot/cold band provides a soothing, consistent pressure to compress blood vessels and help relieve throbbing migraines, headaches and sinus pain. Reusable 30” long wrap with soft gel beads conforms to the shape of your head. Learn More
  10. Therapeutic Magnetic Waist Support

    Fight Stiffness, Pain & Fatigue.

    Magnetic therapy is believed by millions to help improve circulation, relieve pain & swelling, and speed the healing process.  There are 16 magnets concentrated inside this miracle waist support to direct magnetic therapy where the pain is.  Import made of cotton/polyester/latex with adjustable closure.  44 3/4" L & one size fits most.

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