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Magnetic Salt Detox Patches

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Magnetic Salt Detox Patches
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Help Promote A Healthy pH Balance & Improve Circulation!

Jurassic-era Himalayan Sea Salt, more than 250 million years old, has long been praised for its healing benefits.

Now, new & improved with magnetic powder, believed by many to aid in drawing out impurities.

Absorbed through the soles of the feet while you sleep, the salt and magnetic powder help draw out unhealthy toxins, while replenishing vital minerals and nutrients.

It helps your body achieve a healthier pH balance, letting you wake up feeling energized and renewed with improved circulation, better sleep and a boosted metabolism.

Designed To Help:

• Detoxify Your Body

• Boost Circulation

• Increase Your Energy

• Soothe Sore Muscles

• Restore A Healthy pH

• Combat Daily Fatigue

• Promote Better Sleep

• Promotes Better Overall Health