5-Piece Bath Set


Bring warmth and coziness to any bathroom in your home with this luxurious 5-piece bathroom rug set. Instead of settling for a set that only includes 3 pieces – which means you have to purchase rugs individually – you can get all of the pieces you really want in one set. That in itself makes this five-piece bath rug set a fantastic find!

So, what do you get with this set? Let’s start with the toilet. There is a plush cover for the tank, measuring 37” x 14 3/4” (stretching up to 52”) around the tank’s circumference. For a cohesive look, there’s a 22” x 8” tank lid cover. Moving on to the toilet seat lid, this cover measures 16” in diameter. The two nonskid rugs include a 20” x 20” rug that is contoured for the front of the toilet and a 20” x 30” matching bath rug. The entire set can be machine washed and dried for easy cleaning.

Note: Due to manufacturing changes, there may be slight color variations from the swatches shown.
  • Five-piece bathroom rug set
  • Includes five pieces: a wide bath rug, a contoured rug, a tank cover, a tank lid cover and a toilet lid cover
  • Soft olefin construction
  • Latex back
  • Machine wash
  • Imported
  • Available in burgundy and blue
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