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  1. Massaging Comfort Slides Ladies-370017 Massaging Comfort Slides Ladies-370017
    6 Options Available

  2. Massaging Comfort Slides Mens-370018 Massaging Comfort Slides Mens-370018
    7 Options Available

  3. Cool Comfort Clogs-370024 Cool Comfort Clogs-370024
    12 Options Available

  4. Crossband Comfort Slides Ladies-370012 Crossband Comfort Slides Ladies-370012
    4 Options Available

  5. Cushiony Pillow Womens Slides-373549 Cushiony Pillow Womens Slides-373549
    12 Options Available

  6. Silver Steps™ Feather Lite Everyday Clogs-361941 Silver Steps™ Feather Lite Everyday Clogs-361941
    18 Options Available

  7. Silver Steps™ Feather Lite Walking Shoe-361646 Silver Steps™ Feather Lite Walking Shoe-361646
    12 Options Available

  8. Fleece-Lined Clogs-376602 Fleece-Lined Clogs-376602
    12 Options Available

  9. Silver Steps™ Feather Lite Mary Jane Shoes-358220 Silver Steps™ Feather Lite Mary Jane Shoes-358220
    18 Options Available

  10. Therapeutic Massaging Slip Ons-370022 Therapeutic Massaging Slip Ons-370022
    2 Options Available

  11. Women's Adjustable Tab Lightweight Sport No-Tie Sneakers-376604 Women's Adjustable Tab Lightweight Sport No-Tie Sneakers-376604
    12 Options Available

  12. Clogs with Backstrap-376882 Clogs with Backstrap-376882
    18 Options Available

  13. Cushiony Pillow Mens Slides-373550 Cushiony Pillow Mens Slides-373550
    8 Options Available

  14. Faux Fur-Lined Flexible Slip-Ons-376606 Faux Fur-Lined Flexible Slip-Ons-376606
    18 Options Available

  15. Floral Summer Slides-372228 Floral Summer Slides-372228
    6 Options Available

  16. Crossband Comfort Slides, Men's-370013 Crossband Comfort Slides, Men's-370013
    4 Options Available

  17. Reflexology Slides - Ladies-372214
    4 Options Available

  18. Reflexology Slides, Mens-372215
    4 Options Available

  19. Silver Steps™ Feather Lite Slip-On Shoe, Black-374308 Silver Steps™ Feather Lite Slip-On Shoe, Black-374308
    6 Sizes Available

  20. Silver Steps™ Cross Strap Orthopedic Sandal with Closed Back-374899 Silver Steps™ Cross Strap Orthopedic Sandal with Closed Back-374899
    6 Options Available

  21. Silver Steps™ Orthopedic Loafer-374008 Silver Steps™ Orthopedic Loafer-374008
    6 Options Available

  22. Silver Steps™ Orthopedic Mary Jane Shoe-374006 Silver Steps™ Orthopedic Mary Jane Shoe-374006
    6 Options Available


Shoes & Sandals – Slip On Sandals & Shoes For Women

Looking for affordable, casual shoes that you can slip into at a moment’s notice and be on your way? That’s exactly the kind of easy-going footwear you’ find in this collection of shoes and sandals. We make it easy to find not just one style, but several styles of both types of footwear that offer you the utmost comfort as you go about your day. When you’ve viewed everything here, take a moment to browse our selection of comfy slippers too!

Comfy and Therapeutic Shoes and Slides

In addition to our comfortable socks, we also offer several styles of fashionable shoes designed to offer various levels of therapeutic comfort. What kind of therapy can a casual shoe offer? Mainly, massage therapy. These shoes feature textured patterns on the insole that massage the foot as you walk. This constant massaging action can help stimulate circulation, which helps alleviate foot fatigue and pain.

Fashionable Walking Shoes

Some of the shoe styles in this collection are ideal for walking around indoors and outdoors. Walking shoes are sturdily built, and they are also quite comfortable, so you can keep them on for an entire day of activities. The Feather Lite walking shoes by Silver Steps™ are a good example of quality combined with comfort and fashion.

Easy-Going Clogs and Loafers

There are days when you want to get dressed quickly and avoid the hassle of tying shoelaces. These are the days that clogs and loafers were made for. In this collection, we often offer these popular styles that are easy-on yet fashionable.

Comfortable Women’s Sandals

Ladies, make Dream Products your place to find amazingly comfortable sandal shoes that you can wear around the house and while out and about. Here, you can find a range of women’s slip on sandals offered in the styles you’ve come to expect from our shoe collections.

Fashion is, of course, an important factor in the design of any comfortable shoe, but we also want to feature sandals that offer the highest level of foot comfort, because that’s what you’re looking for. In our view, slip on sandals can be both fashionable and ultra-comfy. That means you’ll never have to compromise one or the other when shopping for the best styles of women’s comfort sandals.

Orthopedic Shoes

Say so long to shoes that make your feet hurt and hello to a selection of orthopedic shoes that are specially designed to be worn by those with various foot issues. We feature two of the most popular orthopedic shoe styles: Mary Janes and loafers. The Mary Jane orthopedic shoe pairs well with skirts and dresses and the loafers go well with pants.


How do I choose a supportive shoe?

Choosing a supportive shoe can be an important factor in maintaining good foot health and preventing foot pain or injuries. Here are some tips to help you choose the right supportive shoe:

  • Look for shoes with a firm heel counter: The heel counter is the back part of the shoe that wraps around your heel. It should feel sturdy and provide support for your foot.
  • Check for arch support: A well-designed arch support will help distribute weight evenly across your entire foot, reducing pressure on any one area.
  • Make sure there's enough cushioning: Shoes with adequate cushioning can absorb shock and reduce impact forces, which can help prevent injuries and reduce fatigue.
  • Consider the width and size of the shoe: Make sure the shoe fits properly, with enough room in the toe box so that your toes aren't cramped or rubbing against each other.
  • Choose shoes appropriate for your activity: Different activities require different types of shoes, so make sure you choose shoes specifically designed for the activity you'll be doing (e.g., running shoes for running, hiking boots for hiking).

If you are still not sure, get advice from a professional: A podiatrist or certified pediatrist can provide guidance on what type of shoe is best suited to your individual needs.

By following these tips, you can find a supportive shoe that will keep your feet healthy and pain-free.

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