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General FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why should I order from Dream Products?
We offer a huge variety of unique items at affordable prices. Plus, we understand the importance of keeping our customers happy so:

Every time you order from our website, you will recieve Free Shipping and a Free Surprise Gift.  Orders of $40* or more receive an additional gift, and orders of $60* or more recieve yet another gift.   

* Merchandise Total

How long has Dream Products been in business?
Dream Products opened in June of 2000 with a total of 35+ years in the mail-order catalog industry.

Is Dream Products a member of the BBB?
YES! We pride ourselves on our excellent A+ rating with the BBB.

What browsers does support?
Our website is best viewed with Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Firefox 3.0 or higher, Chrome 12.0 version or higher, and Safari 5.0 or higher.

Why should I sign up for emails from Dream Products?
While we offer affordable prices every day, we offer even more savings through our emails. Sign up and you’ll receive 10% off your next website order on Stay signed up with us and be the first to know about special discounts and promotions! Feel free to receive emails daily, weekly, or just once a month, the choice is yours! Please note that any changes to your subscription may take up to 24 hours to become effective.


Products FAQ

What kind of warranty is available on your product?
Dream Products offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on all merchandise. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, you may return your product for a prompt refund of the merchandise price.

Ordering FAQ

Can I change or cancel my order after I have completed checkout?
Once you've submitted your order it's important for you to know that the shipping process begins within 24 hours of receipt, or on the next business day if the order is received on the weekend. IIf you need to make a change on your order within 24 hours of placement, please call us at 800-410-2153, Mon - Fri 6am - 1am and Sat - Sun 6am - 9pm CST,  and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Sales and use taxes are imposed by state and local jurisdictions on goods purchased at retail by consumers.  Retailers subject to state law are required to collect the state’s sales and use taxes from their customers.  Dream Products collects the applicable sales tax on all orders shipped to Wisconsin.  As a result of a recent US Supreme Court decision, we are now required to collect sales and use taxes in many other states.  Each state and local jurisdiction has its own rules for what are “taxable goods” and what are exempt goods.  For states imposing sales or use taxes, your purchase is subject to use tax unless it is specifically exempt from taxation. Your purchase is not exempt merely because it is made over the Internet, by catalog or by other remote means. Many states require purchasers to file a use tax return at the end of the year reporting all of the taxable purchases that were not taxed by a retailer, and to pay tax on those purchases.

We collect state-administered sales/use tax for AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MD, MA, ME, MI, MN, MS, NC, ND, NE, NM, NV, NJ, NY, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI, WV,WY and DC.  We will update this disclosure as new states enact sales and use tax collection laws.

For mail orders:  To ensure that your order is processed, you must add sales tax for the address to which the order will be shipped. Please see to look-up the correct rate.

If you live in Puerto Rico, please read this information about sales and use tax.  The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico requires Puerto Rico purchasers to report all purchases that were not taxed and pay tax on those purchases.  Sales and use taxes may be reported and paid by filing Form SC 2970A, Declaration of Use of Imported Goods and Services, and pay the corresponding tax.  Individuals must file the declaration with the payment through the electronic system known as Unified Internal Revenue System (SURI).  Circular Letter 17-08 issued by the Puerto Rico Treasury Department provides further information and instructions. 

Besides purchasing online, is there another way to purchase items from Dream Products?

Yes! We also accept orders via phone or snail mail.

Is there a minimum order amount? requires a minimum order value of $8.99 excluding Shipping & Handling, tax, and discounts.


You may call our Order Line to speak with a live agent at 800-410-2153 Mon - Fri 6am - 1am and Sat - Sun 6am - 9pm CST.



Dream Products
412 Dream Lane
PO Box 3690
Oshkosh, WI 54903-3690

Shipping/ Delivery FAQ

Will I receive shipping confirmation of my orders?

If you placed the order online, shipping confirmation will be emailed to the registered email address entered during the checkout. If you placed the order by phone or mail, contact Customer Service at 800-410-2153 to speak with a member of our Customer Service team, available Mon - Fri 8am - 10pm and Sat - Sun 8am - 5pm CST.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We make every effort to get your package to you as quickly as possible.  Due to occasional Post Office processing delays, some packages may take up to 2 to 3 weeks to arrive.  

Please note:  All APO/FPO and Shipments outside the contiguous U.S. may require additional transit time.

Do you ship internationally?
Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally at this time.

Returning FAQ

What if a delivered package is damaged or if I have a missing item?
Please contact our Customer Service Department at 800-410-2153, Mon - Fri 8am - 10pm and Sat - Sun 8am - 5pm CST, to discuss replacing damaged or missing items.

What do I do if I received a wrong item in an order?
If you believe you received a wrong item, please contact our Customer Service Department at 800-410-2153, Mon - Fri 8am - 10pm and Sat - Sun 8am - 5pm CST. Our agents will be happy to assist you.

How can I return or exchange something I ordered?
We stand behind every product we sell with our unconditional money back guarantee. Please follow the exchange/return instructions on the reverse side of the packing slip (which was included with your order) to return your merchandise. Upon receipt, we will issue the appropriate adjustment.

If you do not have the packing slip, please return the unwanted merchandise with your order information to:

Dream Products, Inc.
Returns Department
2155 S Oakwood Rd
Oshkosh, WI  54906

We ask that please make sure to include your order information inside the package so that we may process your return more efficiently. Please allow 2-3 weeks from the return date for the processing of your refund or exchange. 

Proposition 65

Please note that this warning has been added to products to ensure compliance with Proposition 65 for our California consumers.  While we believe our products are not harmful when used as designed, we provide the warning to stay in strict compliance with California law.

California Proposition 65 Explanation: 
Prop 65, officially known as the Safe Drinking Water & Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, is a Health and Safety Code (Section 25249.5-25249.13) and is administered by OEHHA.  The purpose was to address concerns about exposure to toxic chemicals and make consumers more aware. 

Requirements Under Prop 65:
California must publish a list of chemicals and update the list twice a year.  There are approximately 900 chemicals on that list.  Exposure to these chemicals is known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.  Manufacturers are required to label products that contain high levels of any of these chemicals, and retailers, once advised, must make that information available to the consumer.

What Does It Mean If A Product Contains the Warning Symbol or the Warning Is On Your Packaging:
This warning appears on many products sold in the State of California including automobiles, electrical cords, crystal, cleaning products, clothing, leather goods, keys and even children’s play sand. This type of warning is also posted in most public buildings such as stores, restaurants and gas stations. It must also appear in all establishments in California that serve alcoholic beverages. Since our products are sold in California, this warning must be included with each product that contains even small amounts of any of these chemicals. The presence of this warning in no way indicates that the product is unsafe. The California government has explained that Prop 65 is more of a “right to know” law than a product safety law.

This warning does NOT mean that our products will cause cancer or reproductive harm or that the product is unsafe.

Items sold by Dream Products meet all applicable safety standards established by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration.

Where Can California Residents  Find Out More Information About Prop 65:
Please visit: