Adjustable Seamless Front Hook Comfort Bra


It’s time to kick those wired bras out of your life for good, and that’s easy to do with this amazingly comfortable front hook bra. Finally, there’s a wireless bra that offers the kind of full coverage support you desire. That support begins with the durable fabric blend of nylon and spandex. This blend provides lots of strength in the overall bra construction, and there’s just enough flexibility to allow the bra to gently stretch with the natural contours of your bosom. That’s important for a body that may be undergoing various changes as you age.

Cups are softly molded to provide structured support where it’s needed most. The feel is lightweight and comfortable, making it a wonderful bra to wear daily. Most of all, you are going to love its row of front hooks that are easily accessible for those with mobility issues. Adjust the three rows however you like to achieve your ideal level of comfort. Specify color and specify size: Small (32-34), Medium (36-38), Large (40-42), XL (44-46) or 2XL (48-50). These bras fit cups A-DD.
  • Support without painful underwires
  • Front hook closure is perfect for arthritic hands or limited mobility
  • Closure has 3 rows to adjust for a custom fit
  • Small (32-34), Medium (36-38), Large (40-42), XL (44-46) or 2XL (48-50)
  • Fits cups A-DD
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