Air Purifying Bags, Set of 5


Clear The Air!

Eco-Friendly air purifiers filled with bamboo charcoal absorb and trap odors and moisture naturally. Includes 2 - 6” x 6 ¼” & 3 - 7” x 3” burlap bags.
  • Filled with bamboo charcoal, these affordable air purifiers absorb and trap odors and moisture — safely, naturally, and more effectively than cover-up sprays and they contain no perfumes or chemicals
  • Burlap bamboo charcoal bags feature grommets for easy hanging and come in 2 sizes per set, so they're perfect for drawers, closets, luggage, hampers, pet areas, cars and more
  • Set of 5 includes two 6" L x 6 1/4" W and three 7" L x 3" W bags
  • Each lasts approx. 2 years, occasionally place in sun for 1-2 hours to reactivate charcoal
  • Imported
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