Aluminum Ice Cube Tray


Quick release of ice cubes without strain!

This aluminum ice cube tray requires no wrist contortions. Just lift the quickrelease handle from the metal ice tray and out pop 18 perfect cubes. 11" L x 4 5/8" W x 1 1/4" H.
  • Nostalgic Style, Modern Functionality – This 2-piece system goes back to the trays of the 1950’s, combining full functionality with a touch of nostalgia
  • Easy to Use – Simply fill with water as indicated, add tray divider and place on a level surface in the freezer, once completely frozen, lift the lever-style handle to crack the ice and release the cubes
  • Quick Release Mechanism – Clever handle allows ample leverage to crack the ice and release the cubes in a single motion, works without the struggle of modern plastic or silicone versions – so there’s no need for bending, pushing or twisting the ice cubes out of their slots
  • Fast Freezing – Aluminum metal tray allows liquid to get colder, much faster, than other silicone or plastic trays, subsequently this ice tray can be left out longer without the ice melting as quickly
  • Multipurpose – Compact and stackable, this ice tray measures 11 inches long x 4 inches wide x 1 ¾ inches high and is great for mini fridges, dorm rooms, small-space living, parties, man-caves and any freezer without an automated ice machine, 18-slot freezer mold is perfect to create ice cubes, baby food, juice, popsicles, alcoholic drinks and more
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