Anti-Fog Protective Face Shield with Glasses


Blocks Airborne Particles!

Full-face shield helps keep you safe from health threatening germs! Worn like a visor, it blocks virus & bacteria from getting into vulnerable areas of your face. Made of professional grade plastic with anti-staticcoating. Unisex, one size fi ts most.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
  • Professional quality clear plastic safety face shield fits comfortably on the head with an acrylic glasses frame
  • Saliva, droplets and sneezes are blocked before they reach your face
  • Regular eyeglasses fit easily underneath the full face shield
  • Made of highly breathable, lightweight PET plastic
  • Anti-static coating on lens to help prevent fogging
  • Face shield can be disinfected and reused multiple times
  • One size fits most men and women for comfortable germ protection at appointments, working, cleaning, shopping, cooking and more
  • Tuck a plastic face shield in your car, your purse and anywhere else you want to protect yourself
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