Black Jack® Chewing Gum Tin


Continue a gum-chewing tradition that has lasted for over 100 years with a tin of Black Jack® gum. Introduced in 1884, this beloved gum brand has been a favorite of generations of children who grew up with its unique flavor. This gum came along when there were fewer types of candy available, and kids went to the candy shop to buy individual pieces of gum to save and savor throughout the day. You can get an entire tin filled to the brim with ten individual packs, making it easier to chew a stick whenever the mood strikes.

Old-Fashioned Flavor

Black Jack gum is unique among gum flavors because it has a distinctive black licorice flavor. This gum is sure to delight anyone who enjoys chewing gum and who enjoy black licorice candy.

Authentic Retro Packaging

Black Jack packaging looks the same as it did decades ago, and for those who still remember it fondly from childhood, it may bring back fond memories of simpler times.
  • Discover America's obsession with this Black Jack® Chewing Gum Tin, and see this licorice-flavored classic has been loved for generations
  • Black Jack chewing gum was the first flavored chewing gum in U.S. candy history, and the first available in individually wrapped sticks
  • Treating fans to delicious chewing since 1884, the nostalgic Black Jack Gum favorite was recently reintroduced, and its distinctive black licorice flavor is just as yummy as you recall
  • Perfect for giving or sharing, this nostalgic Black Jack Chewing Gum tin contains 10 packs (5 sticks per pack)
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