Body Lotion Applicator


Reach Anywhere with Ease

Putting lotion on after a bath or shower is a routine that you want to maintain for the health and comfort of your skin, but when there’s muscle tension and pain involved, it can become a difficult task. However, using this body lotion applicator makes it easier to apply lotion anywhere. The applicator has a long handle to make it simple for you to apply lotion to those hard-to-reach areas. In addition to expanding your reach, this innovative lotion applicator features a rolling massager with 19 rotating spheres that makes applying soap, suntan lotion or pain cream easy and relaxing.

Simply open the container, put lotion or cream inside and replace the lid. Enjoy a gentle massage as it evenly applies the desired product wherever you like. The lotion applier includes a removable polypropylene handle and a 4” spill-proof, screw on cover.
  • 18" handle, 4" head
  • Twist-on/off cap prevents leaks/spillage
  • Made of durable polypropylene
Tips & Info

How to apply lotion to your back

Applying lotion to your back may feel like a nearly impossible task, but with the right tool, it is simple and stress-free. Using an applicator such as a brush, loofah, or glove allows you to easily reach those hard-to-reach places and achieve even coverage. If using a glove, simply put on the glove, fill with lotion, and massage into the skin. Moving in circular motions helps soothe sore muscles while moisturizing your skin! Taking just a few minutes each day to apply lotion using this method will help keep your back hydrated and ready to take on anything - whether lounging at home or tackling an ambitious hike!

Applying lotion to your back can be quite a challenge since it is hard to reach the center of your back. To simplify this task and make the most of your lotion, an applicator is essential. This tool makes application easier by extending your reach and providing extra coverage. It also helps you to apply an even amount of product over your entire back so that no one area receives too much or too little of the lotion. Applying lotion with an applicator is not only effective but efficient which forces you to use less product since you can cover more skin with each pass. Therefore, for a comprehensive and thorough application process, an applicator should definitely become part of any lotion-using routine!

Try our 15 piece body care system for extra pampering that includes sponge, pumice, loofah and extra applicators.
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