Boost Oxygen® Natural, 10 L


Running out of breath is often an uncomfortable experience, but it can also be downright scary at times. If you have health issues that cause your lungs to struggle with getting enough oxygen, you can have a backup plan ready for such occasions with the Boost Oxygen® Portable Natural Oxygen Canister. Each canister contains 10 liters of 95 percent pure aviator’s breathing oxygen. This oxygen has no additional aroma or flavor added, making it ideal for anyone needing a quick oxygen boost.

Get Oxygen Whenever You Need It

Bring Boost Oxygen with you when you go outdoors for a walk, run errands or travel on vacation. It can easily fit inside a handbag, backpack, sports bag or other carrying case.

Continuous Air Flow

The innovative canister design comes with its breathing apparatus attached at the top. To get oxygen all you do is press down on the air release tab and inhale. Each canister holds 200 seconds of continuous airflow.
  • 95% pure oxygen
  • 10 liters of Aviator's Breathing Oxygen
  • Approximately 200 seconds of continuous oxygen flow
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