Brain Games® Large Print Dot to Dot Set/5


With large-print puzzles that are easy to see, these Brain Games® Dot-to-Dot Puzzle Books let your eyes relax as you unwind and enjoy a calming brain workout. While you connect the numbered dots, a variety of detailed pictures will slowly reveal themselves, and each enjoyable challenge also helps engage your brain and enhance your focus. No squinting is required to see the set's 120 dot-to-dot for adults puzzles, and the finished pictures are suitable for coloring, giving you more chances to relax and enjoy a calming activity. If you have a growing kid looking for an activity that combines drawing and math skills, they might love our adult dot-to-dot books, too.

This set of large-print dot-to-dot books includes five themed collections: "In the Wild", "Famous Sights", "Garden Harvest", "Serenity" and "Home Sweet Home." Each 32-page softcover book includes 24 puzzles with an answer key in the back. They easily slide into backpacks and desk drawers between uses — or set them on coffee tables and side tables so a relaxing brain puzzle is always nearby. The connect-the-dots book set can be given as a gift in its entirety or divided up among friends and family members.
  • Five 32-page books
  • 24 puzzles per book
  • Softcover books
  • Includes answer key in back
  • Each book is 7" wide x 9” high
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