Cool Comfort Clogs


Help improve your overall health with a pair of men’s or women’s Cool Comfort Clogs from Dream Products. These therapeutic massage comfort clogs have a solid construction; however, when you put them on, you can admire how feather-light they feel on your feet. Whether you have small feet, large feet or fall somewhere in between, these comfortable clogs work equally well for women and men. That’s because acupressure massaging shoes like these Cool Comfort Clogs have strategically placed nodules on the insoles that massage and stimulate pressure points on your feet with every step.

Acupressure is believed to help overall health by increasing circulation, and it can also relieve tension, increase energy and reduce fatigue. Additionally, the easy slip-on/slip-off clog style with a ventilated design allows air to circulate. These ingenious cool clogs are designed to keep moisture to a minimum so your feet dry stay and comfortable.

With their comfortable feel and easy style, these therapeutic Cool Comfort Clogs for women and men who enjoy wearing casual shoes will quickly become your favorite footwear. Massaging slides are a great choice for outdoor or indoor use, and they also protect your feet poolside or in showers and locker rooms. Our fashionable comfort mules and clogs are made of man-made materials. Care for your feet with unique finds at affordable prices from Dream Products.
  • Feather-light acupressure massaging clogs have strategically placed nodules that massage and stimulate pressure points with every step
  • Acupressure is believed to help overall health by increasing circulation
  • Easy slip-on/slip-off clog style with ventilated design allows air to circulate, keeping moisture to a minimum and your feet dry and comfortable
  • Available in women's whole sizes 5-10 and men's whole sizes 8-13
  • Women’s sizes come in White
  • men’s sizes come in Navy Blue
  • Imported
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