Deluxe Foldable Rocking Footrest


Do you have trouble getting your feet into a comfortable position when you're relaxing in a chair or on the couch? This Deluxe Foldable Rocking Footrest can help you experience the kind of foot comfort you are seeking. At first glance, this folding, rocking footrest looks like a small stool, but that view changes the moment you unfold it and get a look at its solid wood-frame construction. It has some of the same classic styling as a full-size rocking chair – but looks are not the most important reason to enjoy this therapeutic rocker.

This foldable footrest features a slatted wood side and a soft padded side. To use it, be sure your feet are firmly resting on the wooden slats. The padding supports your calves and ankles, ensuring you have the most comfortable resting position for both feet. This foldable rocking footrest is also easy to store. Choose from sherpa or tapestry padding.
  • Kick Back in Comfort – Sit back and relax with this rocking footrest that moves with you, this comfortable lounging furniture is a stylish accent to any room of your home
  • Portable Rocking Design – Relax wherever you are with this portable rocking footrest that is perfect for propping tired, aching or injured feet at the home or in the office
  • Padded Cushion – Cushioned top is covered in cozy Sherpa fleece that softly cradles your calves, while the wood side supports your soles at the perfect angle
  • Folds Flat – Footrest features a sturdy wooden frame that folds flat to just 5 inches high for easy and convenient storage when not in use
  • Product Specifications – Foldable rocking footrest measures 24 inches long x 16 inches wide x 14.5 inches high when open
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