Doctors' Choice Comfort Bra®


This is the bra doctors buy and recommend for their patients! When it comes to finding the most comfortable bra to wear, the Doctors’ Choice Comfort Bra® is among the most sought after. This Doctors’ Choice Comfort Bra safely and comfortably shapes, lifts and supports in a way no other bra can match. It is the bra of choice for many seeking a comfortable bra that is easy to put on and take off, and it works well with a wide range of outfits.

The Doctors' Choice Comfort Bra is a favorite of those who love Dream Product’s bras. After all, we offer a wide selection of the best bras offering wireless support. Its silky, soft, stretchy fabric actually stretches to fit any cup size from A to DD. It’s also a great bra choice because it conforms to changes in your body, creating a customized fit. In fact, this bra is so comfortable you can even sleep in it (many women do for comfort or after surgery). This stylish comfort bra is made of nylon/spandex. This imported bra is also machine washable, yet still maintains its shape and comfort.
  • Doctors' Choice Comfort Bra
  • Extra Wide Comfort Straps & Attractive Pink Stitching
  • Shapes, Supports, & Lifts With No Underwires
  • Incredibly Soft & Comfortable
  • Easy Front Hook Closure
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