Dryer Lint Brush


The dryer in your home is a big help when doing laundry. However, for your dryer to continue operating at peak level, it’s essential to practice constant maintenance, which usually means making sure that lingering lint is removed from the lint tray and dryer parts. That’s exactly what a Dryer Lint Brush can help you do. This type of lint brush makes your lint removal task much easier. Plus, it can provide peace of mind, preventing accumulated lint from becoming a fire hazard.

Narrow Design

Designed to be as narrow as possible, this lint brush features a long handle and a narrow brush. The narrowness makes it easier to get the brush into those areas that cannot easily be reached with conventional cleaning brushes.

Sturdy Bristles

The bristles are the most important part of the tool, and this one comes with sturdy bristles that can grab pieces of lint and hold them until you clean the brush.
  • Dryer Lint Brush Cleaning Tool
  • Long, narrow construction reaches deep in the lint trap
  • Nylon bristle brush with wooden handle and hanging loop
  • Measures 29 1/8" overall
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