Freezer Labels


Freezing food is convenient but when the number of frozen items starts accumulating, it can become challenging to figure out what’s what. The simple solution is to use labels for all of your freezer containers. And these freezer labels on a roll can make it a cinch to develop a custom organizing system for frozen foods.

Sturdy White Labels

Each roll of 500 labels contains a row of pre-cut labels made from quality white paper. All labels are specially treated to withstand cold freezer temperatures and moisture. Having the labels on a roll makes them easier to access, use as needed and store in a cupboard or drawer.

Easy to Write On

Whether you call them freezer labels or shelf tags, these labels are a breeze to write on. You can use a marker or pen to add the name of the item and date to keep track of freshness.

Versatile Adhesive

Each freezer-safe label is equivalent to freezer stickers and cooler tags, except these have a strong adhesive that clings to multiple surfaces. You can use them with plastic wrap, glass and aluminum foil interchangeably.
  • Self-Stick Freezer Label Rolls, 500-Count
  • Sticks to cling wrap, plastic, foil and glass
  • Won't fall off in cold or moisture
  • Each label measures 2 1/4" long x 5/8" high
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