Fresh Drop™ Bathroom Odor Preventor


Fresh Drop™ Bathroom Odor Preventor puts a stop to embarrassing bathroom odors before they even start! When Fresh Drop is added to a toilet bowl before use, it blocks and neutralizes 98% of odors before they escape into the air. This environmentally friendly bathroom deodorizer is made from all-natural ingredients with a highly concentrated plant extract that’s safe for all toilets and septic systems. One to two drops is enough to create an invisible layer on the water’s surface that odors can’t break through, leaving a nice clean scent behind.

Fresh Drop toilet deodorant is great for home use or when using shared office bathrooms and public restrooms. A single 0.67-ounce bottle can be used hundreds of times and fits easily in a pocket, purse or backpack. We’ll help any bathroom smell like a dream with this unique toilet odor preventer.
  • Add one to two drops of Fresh Drop to toilets before you go
  • Blocks and neutralizes 98% of odors instantly
  • Great for public bathrooms, gyms, offices and more
  • Portable 0.67-oz. bottle is good for hundreds of uses
  • Safe for use in all toilets
  • NOTE: This item cannot be sold in Canada
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