Full Coverage Ultimate Bra


This new and improved Ultimate Bra is sure to be your favorite! DreamProducts.com is committed to providing you with a collection of quality bras. To that end, we worked closely with our bra manufacturer to make changes that you, the customer, have suggested. The result of your input and our design savvy is this Ultimate Full Coverage Support Bra. We are confident this bra is now the perfect bra for every woman’s size and unique shape. In fact, women who are submitting DreamProducts.com bras reviews are satisfied with the quality and comfort of this bra, rating it among the best full coverage bras.

The sizing of this full coverage bra has been adjusted to create a more comfortable, better fitting bra. Created with comfort, ease and support in mind, this ultimate comfort full coverage support bra features everything you need and more. Enjoy its easy zip-front closure, thickly padded adjustable straps and posture-improving wide back that hides underarm and back fat. This imported bra is made of cotton, nylon, spandex and beautiful lace that keeps you feeling soft and feminine.

Specify Size:

S (32-34)
M (36-38)
L (40-42)
XL (44-46)
2XL (48-50)
  • Designed with an easy zip front
  • Features thickly padded adjustable straps
  • Posture-improving wide back hides underarm and back fat
  • Cotton/nylon/spandex with beautiful lace accents
  • Imported
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