Fully Assembled Hanging Mum Basket by OakRidge™


Your Secret to Perfect Blooms.

The full flowering mum arrives nestled in a metal basket with a liner that looks like real coco fiber. Designed in durable weather-resistant materials with a sturdy metal chain, the hanging basket will thrive in full sun or complete shade—no watering required. Crafted of polyester, plastic, wire. Specify color. Basket: 10”dia. Chain: 18”L with hook.
  • Realistic Beauty – Already “planted” in its own hanging basket, this fully assembled hanging mum basket provides a lush look to your landscape
  • Artfully Constructed – Vibrant faux florals offer instant beauty and natural-looking texture that can be enjoyed year round, weather-resistant décor is thoughtfully designed for use both indoors and out
  • Fully Assembled & Ready to Hang – Artificial flowers come nestled in a 10 inch diameter basket that looks like real coco fiber, features durable weather-resistant materials and a sturdy metal chain (18 inches long) that can be displayed both indoors and out
  • Maintenance Free – Enjoy the long-lasting beauty of this lifelike plant without having to worry about sunlight, watering, pruning or other maintenance, no upkeep required!
  • Product Details – Basket includes rich-colored florals consisting of polyester, plastic and wire, allowing them to hang in a natural way
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