Hanging Microwave Cover


Use our unique microwave lids to cover anything you cook so things don’t get messy inside your microwave! This microwave cover that sticks to the top is an easy way to reduce clean-up time and help warm food more evenly. It’s especially useful for spaghetti sauce, soups, melted butter and other things that are known to splash or drip.

Our new food splatter guard secures to the roof of your microwave with microwave-safe magnets, so it’s always handy and ready to use. Simply pull it down to cover food and protect your microwave from splatters and spills. Steam escapes from the built-in vents while the cover’s surface stays cool to the touch.

Each magnetic microwave cover is made of BPA-free clear plastic so you can see what’s underneath. It’s approximately 11” in diameter to cover standard-size plates and bowls. The microwave-safe cover rinses clean and can be washed on the dishwasher top rack. Eat well and keep things clean with this unique cover from Dream Products.
  • Clever Design – Conveniently designed with built-in magnets on top, this hanging microwave cover stores right on the “ceiling” inside your microwave, so it’s not taking up extra space in your kitchen and is always ready for use
  • Simple to Use – Just pull the cover down when needed, then secure it back on top and let it hover securely overhead when not in use
  • Optimal Size – The large size (11 inch diameter) of this microwave splatter guard is designed to cover most dishes, plates and bowls
  • Steam Vents – Built-in vents help release steam efficiently, evenly heating food while preventing sogginess
  • Easy to Clean – Complete with 4 microwave-safe, polymer-encased magnets, this food safe microwave lid is made of BPA-free plastic and is top-rack dishwasher safe
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