Head Cradle Pillow


Even when you can’t lie down, this pillow-around-head design from Dream Products makes it easy to unwind. Our head cradle travel pillow helps you relax and restore anywhere without neck strain. This uniquely shaped pillow is made for seated comfort as it cushions the back of your head and wraps around to support the side, neck and chin. Use this contour head cradle pillow on either the right or left side to nap during travel and arrive at your destination refreshed. You also can use it at home to watch your favorite shows or read without aches and pains — and it’s ideal for upright sleeping, too.

A cradle head pillow turns car seats, airplane seats, outdoor loungers and armchairs into a comfortable place to catch a few winks. The luxuriously plush cover feels soft against the skin, and the polystyrene core can be squeezed to fit in less space than many U-shaped pillows, allowing you to put it in a carry-on bag or backpack. This travel pillow measures 12" long x 11" wide to fit most adults. It’s also a considerate gift for a family member, friend or travel buddy who’s tired of being tired after a long trip. Order this unique cradling head pillow at an affordable price to get the rest you need anytime, anyplace.
  • Can be used on the left or right side
  • Compact and convenient for traveling
  • Measures 12” long by 11” wide
  • Spot clean only
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