Hooting Garden Owl


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a safe, natural way to scare off unwanted critters invading your garden? DreamProducts.com wants to help you solve this pesky problem with this gorgeous garden owl statue. However, our Hooting Garden Owl is different from other garden owls for sale because it moves!

Our realistic, lifelike DreamProducts.com owl detects motion within 3’ to 5’, letting out a series of “hoots,” while its bright yellow eyes flash. Getting an owl statue for your garden certainly gives it a décor boost, but its main purpose is deterring birds and rodents with authentic owl sounds and menacing eyes. This fake owl is made of weather-resistant poly-resin with hand-painted details. The owl measures approximately 6.5” x 4.5” and runs on two AAA batteries.
  • Garden Owl – When detecting motion within 3 to 5 feet, this Garden Owl’s bright yellow eyes flash as he lets out a series of “hoots”…
  • Built-In Motion Sensor – Automatically activated by a built-in motion sensor, this Garden Owl decoy helps look over your garden
  • Lifelike Detail – Guests will love your garden addition, but the birds and rodents will be scared away by his realistic sounds and menacing eyes, so they won’t have a chance to munch on your plants and vegetables
  • Quality Construction – Thoughtfully designed to withstand the elements, this Garden Owl is made of weather-resistant polyresin and features hand-painted details
  • Product Specifications – Sensor owl measures approximately 6 ½ inches x 4 ½ inches, run on 2 AAA batteries (not included)
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