ID Guard Stamp Refill


The Identity Protection Stamp is one of the most essential and useful tools you can have at home when protecting your private information from identity theft. This self-inking stamp functions like similar stamps for applying an address to envelopes or alerts on various documents. Only, this stamp produces a unique pattern imprint that obscures text on a page. The ink cartridge that comes with the initial stamp works great but the cartridge is sure to eventually run dry.

Convenient Refill Ink

Make sure that your ID Guard Stamp always has enough ink available to complete any identity blackout job you are doing with supplies of the ID Guard Refill cartridge. Each cartridge comes filled with plenty of black ink and its deep, rich color is required for thorough text obstruction.

Easy to Install

Replacing an old ink cartridge with this one is a breeze. Simply pull out the used one and insert the new one and you’re ready to resume blackout stamping.
  • ID Guard stamp refill
  • Special black ink pattern conceals data to help protect you from identity theft
  • A quick and tidy alternative to shredding
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