Identity Protection Stamp


Take preventative measures to protect your most sensitive information from falling into the hands of identity thieves with this ID guard stamp. This is a unique type of stamp that is designed to be used solely to block out information printed on documents. It can be useful for altering identifying details on bank records, insurance forms, medical forms and records, school records, tax forms and much more.

Best Alternative to Shredding

Instead of purchasing a bulky shredding machine, or using expensive shredding services, opt to use this simple self-inking stamp. It’s small, easy to use and can easily be stored away in a drawer until you’re ready to block out identity information. This stamp allows you to place these documents in the recycling bin as with other paper waste.

Unique Black Pattern

Each stamp has a unique pattern that transfers to the paper in black ink. The pattern obscures the readability of printed text and numbers.

Stock Up On Refill Ink

Make sure you have plenty of replacement ink pads on hand for those times when you have a lot of documents to stamp.

Order ink refill pads here
  • Identity Protection Stamp
  • Convenient and affordable alternative to shredding documents
  • Unique black pattern blots out data, account numbers and other sensitive information
  • Protects you from identity theft
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