LivingSURE™ Easy Rise Cushion-Firm Density


Sit for hours in total comfort, then stand up just as easily with a high-density chair cushion. If you sit for long periods, have difficulty rising from a chair or need a boost in height, this 5" tall Extra-Thick Seat Cushion Riser is a blessing. It's made of quality polyurethane foam to distribute body weight evenly and absorb pressure so you can sit and relax in total comfort. Its firm support helps you rise with ease. And when used in your automobile, it gives you extra height to see better and drive safer.

Whether in dining rooms, living rooms, offices, wheelchairs or cars, our Easy Rise Firm Density Seat Cushion helps you sit and stand comfortably. The removable, washable cover has fleece-like plush soft pile on one side and cool poly/cotton on the other, letting you choose which side to sit on depending on what provides the most comfort. Each cushion measures 14" long x 14" wide x 5" high to fit most chairs, plus bench seats and stools. Take advantage of our affordable prices to buy several riser cushions so there’s always one ready wherever you want to sit.
  • Sit and rise easily from any seated surface with this foam cushion made of dense polyurethane foam
  • Our included cover is constructed of fleece-like polyester on one side, breathable polyester and cotton on the reverse side, allowing for comfort during any season
  • Measuring 14 in. wide x 14 in. long x 5 in. deep, this cushion makes any seat instantly more comfortable
  • Relieve pressure on the lower back, spine and buttocks caused by prolonged seating with this cushion, Designed with high/firm density, this cushion does not sink when you sit on it, but will conform to the body when you move
  • Machine wash cover – Don’t worry about keeping your cushion clean. Just throw the removable cover in the cold wash and tumble dry on low heat.
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