LivingSURE™ Telescoping Ceiling Fan Duster


At some point, you are going to have to remove dust from your ceiling fan. Because of the fan’s height from the floor, you'll likely have to do some stretching to reach those blades. Plus, you may need to stand on a chair or ladder to use a typical duster to clean your fan. Fortunately, this duster, created specifically for ceiling fans like yours, is designed to make this chore easier. Instead of the usual short duster handle, this extendable ceiling fan duster can be adjusted to reach the height of most ceiling fans — and you won't need to stand on a chair or ladder.

You can gently direct this ceiling fan duster to clean individual blades using its fluffy microfiber head. This soft fan blade duster can hold dust inside its fibers with every swipe. You can also use its telescopic handle to remove cobwebs in hard-to-reach areas. The microfiber head can be removed for hand washing. The telescopic handle adjustment range is 28 1/2"-47 3/4" long.
  • Multipurpose Cleaning Gadget: Extendable duster allows you to safely clean ceiling fans, corners and other high places without using ladders or stools.
  • Clear the Air You Breathe: Unlike feather dusters or cotton cloths that move dust from one place to another, this brush features microfiber material and a unique shape, trapping dust, lint, fuzz and cobwebs.
  • Extendable Duster: This telescoping duster will quickly become your favorite cleaning gadget. With an adjustable telescopic handle, from 28 ½” to 47 ¾”, easily dust those tricky hard to reach areas in high places.
  • Washable Brush: We take the hassle out of cleaning with this removable microfiber brush. Eliminate the need to buy new brushes once they get dirty. Instead, simply remove the 7” wide brush from the pole, hand wash and air dry.
  • Easy to Store: The metal handle features a hole for easy hanging in a storage room, garage or basement.
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