Long Handled Dust Pan With Broom


A broom is a broom, right? Well, not exactly. A traditional broom can be heavy, bulky or awkward to use. Plus, you have to bend way over to sweep the debris or dirt on the floor into the dustpan. That can be a real pain, especially for anyone with arthritis, a bad back or other mobility challenges.

Thankfully, innovations in cleaning tools have led to the creation of this handy long-handled dustpan and broom set. What a big difference it is to have a dustpan with a long handle that allows you to hold onto it and control its positioning! In addition, the lightweight construction of the broom makes it simple and easy to sweep up messes. The dustpan handle measures 32” long; the dustpan itself is 9” wide.
  • Long-handled dustpan and broom are both made from durable plastic
  • Dustbin handle is 32” long to accommodate people of most heights
  • Dustbin is 9” wide to allow easy cleanup of most messes
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