Lovely Lace Front Hook Bra



Experience great looks and feel from the Lovely Lace Front Hook Bra that’s so comfortable, you can sleep in it! This lovely bra is sure to become your new favorite. It’s made of a super-soft, luxurious blend of nylon and spandex fabric that feels wonderful against your skin. If you’re browsing bras for a wire-free bra that looks great and stretches to fit, this one is sure to meet your needs. Getting in and out of it is a breeze because this lace bra slips on easily for a beautiful, seamless look under your clothing.

Lovely bras like this one typically don’t come with hooks positioned in front. That’s what makes this bra from Dream Products so unique. There’s no need to stretch and strain your arms and hands to hook and unhook it. You can see exactly where the front hooks are located, which makes it much easier to put the bra on and take it off, especially for those with limited dexterity.

Our Lovely Lace front hook closure bra provides the support and shaping you need in an ultra-cozy design. Dream Products offers this gorgeous bra in an assortment of sizes and colors. Women’s bra fits cups A-DD. Specify size: Small (32-34), Medium (36-38), Large (40-42), XL (44-46) or 2XL (48-50). Shop our online store for unique lingerie finds at affordable prices.

NOTE: For additional comfort, order the next size up.
  • This gorgeous lacy bra has a double layer of “lift” without painful underwires!
  • Outer lace band over the wide bottom support band gives double protection against gravity!
  • Super soft, luxurious material imported in nylon and spandex feels great against your skin, and the wide comfort straps prevent gouging in your shoulders.
  • Wide back and sides help to hide unwanted “fat bulge”
  • Bra slips on and lacy support band hooks in the front for easy on/off and a beautiful, seamless look under your clothing
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