Metal Tulip Stakes, Set of 5


Simply "plant" an artificial tulip once for year-round color...and absolutely no work! Our charming tulips are designed in durable weatherproof metal to stay bright and beautiful season after season, and can be used to spruce up your artificial hanging baskets. Give your garden landscapes a touch of whimsy with fun, cheerful metal tulip stakes. This vibrant set offered in a bright array of 5 artificial tulips brings the colors of springtime to your garden all year round. Each stake features a green stem with green leaves for added visual interest. The weather-resistant construction keeps the colors bright for extended long-term use. Plant them in the ground or spruce up planters or flower beds to ensure you always have some color on display without having a green thumb. The cute tulip flower forms a cup shape making them an excellent alternative to a traditional bird feeder. These sturdy metal tulip stakes also add color to monuments at the cemetery without requiring regular maintenance. Make Miles Kimball your first choice for stunning outdoor décor that goes easy on your pocketbook like these creative tulip stakes crafted of highly-durable metal. Set includes red, yellow, orange, navy, and purple. 19 1/2" H x 2 1/4" dia. each.
  • Colorful Artificial Flowers – The metal tulips in this set each have a different colored flower head, giving you interesting variety
  • Eye-Catching Details – Each flower has an individual green stem with formed leaves to provide realistic details
  • Weather Resistant Design – The metal materials in these faux tulips will maintain their bright colors all year around, even when exposed to harsh weather
  • Easily Mounted in Soil – You easily can place the narrow stems of the flowers in the ground in a flower bed or in a hanging basket
  • Perfect Size – Each of our artificial metal tulips measures 19.5 inches from the base of the stem to the top of the flower head, which makes them large enough to be noticeable in any location
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