Microfiber Cleaning Mitt by Chef's Pride™


Harness The Cleaning Power Of Microfiber!

This versatile Microfiber Cleaning Mitt cleans, shines and polishes a variety of surfaces in the kitchen or bath. The hardworking microfiber mitt wipes pots, cleans countertops, brings stainless steel and other metals back to a lustrous shine, cleans stovetop, fridge, mirrors and more. Its unique microfiber surface traps and collects dirt, grime and germs, efficiently cleaning wet or dry—using just water or your favorite cleaning solution, or polishing, buffing and dusting when used dry. The unique, one-size-fits-all kitchen cleaner keeps your hands away from dirt and grime while you work, leaving no fingerprints behind. Great for metals, plastics, tiles, glass and more, the microfiber cleaning cloth is made of polyester with PU foam insert, and features a convenient hanging loop. Simply toss it in the wash when needed, and use this multi-purpose microfiber cleaner again and again. Machine washable. Measures 5 1/2"L x 8 1/4"W. By Chef's Pride.
  • Polyester with PU foam insert for comfort
  • Measures 5 1/2" x 8 1/4" overall
  • Microfiber surface traps and collects dirt from pots, pans, metals, plastics, tiles, glass and more
  • Perfect for kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  • Machine wash
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