Microwave Cool Caddy


Do you heat up meals and snacks in your microwave oven? If you do, you know that dishes you place in the microwave can be very hot to the touch immediately after the cooking cycle is done. However, waiting for a dish to cool down is an inconvenience. That's why you need a microwave plate holder to help protect your hands from getting burned while grabbing hot dishes – but not just any holder. The Microwave Cool Caddy allows you to remove plates, bowls and containers safely, even while they are still hot.

How is this possible? Well, the Cool Caddy is made from 100% BPA-free polypropylene, a material that doesn’t get hot like standard plates and bowls do. It also features a unique circular design with an open well in the center and handles on the side. Its dual-purpose design allows you to put a bowl of food into the caddy’s well or set a plate on top. The Microwave Cool Caddy food tray is light enough to easily lift, and the stay-cool handles help you keep the caddy steady while it’s being moved. This caddy tray measures 11 3/4” long x 10 3/4” wide X 2 7/8” high.
  • Microwave caddy catches spills and boil-overs while cooking and transporting food, helping keep your microwave, floors and countertops clean
  • The versatile design accommodates bowls or plates from 5" dia. up to 10 1/2" dia., along with most microwave meal containers
  • Generous raised handles fit all size hands, allowing you to grip at a safe distance from hot food — without the need for mitts or potholders
  • The perfect addition to your microwave cooking accessories, this caddy is your go-to solution for heating and reheating soups, sauces and meals, and works as a stay-cool dining tray at your kitchen table, desk or TV tray table
  • Designed in BPA-free, 100% polypropylene, this 11 3/4" L x 10 3/4" W X 2 7/8" H caddy is top-rack dishwasher safe
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