Nylon Knee Highs Set of 20 Pairs


Expand your collection of knee-high nylon socks within the blink of an eye with our convenient collection. Nylon knee highs offer a classic pull-up sock design without the heaviness of other types of sock materials. They are great for work and on-the-go casual wear, and there are plenty of color options to ensure you can always find lightweight socks to wear with your outfits and open-toe shoes.

The neutral set includes the following colors: Jet Black, Nude, Beige, Coffee, Off Black, Suntan and White.

The Colored set includes the following colors: Off White, Black, Tan, Navy, Red, Mint, Burnt Orange, Salmon, Burnt Yellow, Rose, Jade, Turquoise, Pink, Light Peach, Lilac and Royal Blue.

All nylon socks are made of 100% nylon and feature a comfortable nonbinding top that keeps them securely in place. You receive 20 pairs of socks per set. Maintain your nylon knee socks by hand washing them separately. Non-chlorine bleach can be used for enhanced cleaning. Allow socks to drip dry. Made in the USA.
  • Set of hosiery includes 20 pairs of knee-high stockings in an array of hard-to-find colors or classic neutrals
  • With comfortable nonbinding tops and your choice of 2 sizes, you'll look and feel great
  • 100% nylon
  • Hand wash nylon socks separately, drip dry, non-chlorine bleach as needed
  • Made in USA
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