Oil Strainer


Are you wondering how to safely store oil after frying food? Generations of home cooks have used a cooking oil strainer that also serves as a storage container. Ideally, you want to have a strainer for the cooking oil because that’s the best way to easily remove impurities as you preserve the remaining oil for future use. Of course, you could opt to use a handheld strainer; however, this requires a separate tool and thoroughly washing the strainer after each greasy use.

This handy cooking oil strainer features a built-in strainer at the top, eliminating the need for those handheld strainers. After the cooking is done, simply pour the leftover oil into the top of the cooking oil strainer. Bits of food remain on top as the oil drains down into the can. You can then wipe the strainer clean of food debris. Keep the oil from spoiling by securing the lid. This oil pot with a strainer also includes a convenient pouring spout and measures 5" high x 5" in diameter.
  • Oil Strainer – Old-fashioned kitchen oil strainer makes leftover cooking oil and bacon grease reusable, ideal for bacon grease and oil storage when preparing regular, keto or paleo meals
  • Strainer Top – Cooking oil strainer separates impurities from the oil, handy lid discreetly covers the contents for future use
  • Convenient Spout – Curved lip of storage pot makes pouring and reusing oil easy, grease and oil can be poured in hot or warm directly from the pan
  • Ideal Size – Grease keeper holds up to 32 ounces of fat straight out of the pan and features a comfortable handle that is easy to hold and less prone to getting hot
  • Dishwasher Safe – Aluminum oil strainer measures 5 inches high x 5 inches diameter and is dishwasher safe
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