Outdoor Help Step


Securely step in and out of any elevated doorway using this outdoor entry step. It’s great for those with limited mobility who have trouble lifting feet or legs. Standing 4” high, it cuts the rise of the step to allow stability and easy movement in and out of the doorway. The durable slip-resistant rubberized platform has grooves and nubs to provide added stability. There are also drainage holes to keep away moisture. Our outdoor helper step supports up to 440 pounds with an extra-wide, extra-deep design so anyone can use it.

Instead of reworking your home’s entryway or building more stairs, simply add the Dream Products doorway step to make arriving or leaving smooth. In addition to aiding with mobility issues, it’s also helpful for kids whose legs can’t yet reach from the porch to the door. The step is made of lightweight waterproof plastic that is surprisingly rugged to help you comfortably step in or out. Enjoy our affordable prices on this and other useful items for outdoor or indoor use.
  • Lightweight and Durable half step reduced step height by half to assist senior, toddlers, pets and more
  • Step measures 19 1/4" long x 15 ½ wide x 4” high making it ideal for a doorway, bathtub, car or truck
  • This weather resistant platform has non-slip tread and drainage holes providing safety and stability both in and outdoors
  • Durable plastic step supports up to 440 pounds
  • Lightweight and portable platform weights 4 ½ pounds
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